The Embroiderer’s Handbook Inspirations Studio

51nfR3LNXwL._AC_US218_.jpgPub: Country Bumpkin

In the distinctive style of Inspirations Magazine, over 150 stitches are illustrated with full-colour step-by-step photographs. Each step is clearly explained and variations or combinations of the stitches are shown. Techniques and stitches for use with stranded cottons, silk ribbons, wool and beads, combined with enticing photographs of finished projects, will provide endless inspiration. For the novice embroiderer, advice is given on equipment and materials and transferring designs. Scattered throughout the book are hints and information to increase the enjoyment of embroidery. This handbook will be an invaluable resource for all embroiderers – the beginner looking for basic information, and the more experienced seeking confirmation and extension of their knowledge.


This is a beautiful book.

Full of photographed step by step stitches, it has a good variety from the basic back stitch to the more detailed raised stem stitch.

This book is inspiring and no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced stitcher this book will increase your knowledge and good advice.

Thread stitching and the most beautiful ribbon stitching are just a couple of the demonstrations, and while there are no set projects, there are some wonderful pictures of work that can be used as an idea.

This book is fabulous if you do not already have an embroidery book, or it would make the perfect gift for someone who has a love of Embroidery.

It has some good tips on fabric choice and also has a needle chart and thread description. Along with how to bind a hoop and back your finished work it is the ideal craft companion.

Highly recommended



Buy the book.




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