The Savvy Seamstress Nicole Mallalieu

61jkhiGFoHL._AC_US218_.jpgPub: C&T Publishing

Transform your favourite garment patterns, one small detail at a time. Add or remove pockets, adjust the neckline, or swap a zippered back to a button front! With step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations and how-to photos, you’ll learn to make and sew endless variations on your favourite men’s, women’s and children’s garment patterns, with a professional finish. Whether you have basic sewing skills or are a confident dressmaker, you can learn to be your fashion designer.


Filled with tips, techniques and useful information this must have book is perfect for every level of sewist.

From the simplest stitch to drafting a pattern, there is something for everyone.

Photographs and diagrams are shown with clear and concise instructions. This book is like having your own personal tutor. Children’s, mens and womens  clothing are included, and the Sewing techniques and Terminology section is particularly useful.

I do  not think anything has been left out.

The Savvy Seamstress is a useful guide that can both teach and/or remind you of sewing methods and skills, it will help you master and increase your knowledge and ability.

A perfect tool for all your sewing know how.




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Happy sewing x


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11 thoughts on “The Savvy Seamstress Nicole Mallalieu

  1. This book sounds like a very useful addition to any dressmaker stash. How to alter necklines in particular is something I think I’d use a lot. Maybe I’ll treat myself in the new year.

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  2. I found your blog from your Amazon reviews, which are really helpful. As someone who’s getting back into sewing after an extremely long hiatus, I’d find this book very useful and it would be a good reminder of all the techiques I’ve forgotten! Thanks for the chance to win.

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