Embroidered Treasures: Flowers Dr Annette Collinge

51WvS2u-ToL._AC_US218_.jpgPub: Search Press UK

The Embroiderers’ Guild was founded in 1906 and has in its collection embroideries from all over the world. These wonderful works, which somehow survived through the ages, could be said to be one of the most important group of embroideries assembled in one place. Stitched pieces and fragments and were gathered together by early members of the Guild and inserted into portfolios that were circulated among members. Nature has always been a huge source of inspiration to embroiderers and this fantastic book showcases the Embroiderers’ Guild’s huge collection of embroidered flowers through the ages. Featuring full-colour photographs, items are shown in full and also with detail images to show off the flowers at their best. These wonderful embroidered treasures are as varied as wall hangings, children’s dresses, bridal bags and samplers, some of which date back to the 17th century. The images are shown with extended captions. Collected from many different countries, this is an opportunity to see fabulous works that are very rarely seen in public.


This beautiful coffee table book is a history of a collection held by the Embroidery Guild.

The items included have all been gifted to the Guild and the author has presented us with a beautiful and interesting book

Filled with exquisite examples of embroidery, sewn on various textiles and with an abundance of thread, wool, silk and much more, it really is appreciation of a craft that for many eras has been a form of expression and art work.

The techniques, styles and most of the quality of these wonderful items, from handbags to cuffs and cushions to panels is a joy to see.

I am amazed at the uses of things such as fish scales, bark and straw used to create the most intricate and superb designs for clothing and home ware.

The sampler, created by Mary Powell, a ten year old in 1657 is simply divine. How I would love to stitch to this standard, it is an absolute work of art. Other creations are just as magnificent and each piece is beautifully photographed, dated and includes a  little of the history as well as the person who donated it.

This is not a teaching book, but it will make a perfect addition to your craft library and will definitely inspire and astound.



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