Hemline Advent Calendar



I know I have defeated the object of an Advent Calendar by opening it this way but I was excited to receive this, as is my passion for sewing.

I bought this from the ‘Sewing Quarter’ shopping channel for £25 +£2.95 delivery.

They built it up quite a bit, as they do, and there was a lot of excitement due to the ‘availabilty’ of stock and the  ‘Must have’ vibe.

I was more than a bit disappointed, I expected so much more from this product due to ‘high’ price. Now I know that that at £25 the items work out at just over £1 a piece but with the delivery charge and the actual usability of the products it is very overpriced.

If ever I was tempted to gift one of these I would more than likely make my own and add items that are of a higher quality and more personalised to the sewist in mind.

Hemline sewing are renowned specialists for their sewing and haberdashery products and several  well known outlets stock their products.

Their price range is affordable, and their product range is amazing. However most of the items in this ‘kit’ come from China, so not Hemline quality or product.

However I think that this product is not very well thought through. I do think that if you are a beginner then you will think that this is rather delightful, but for an advanced sewist it is cheap, the items chosen are impractical and to be honest most of it will be thrown in the bin.

I don’t know why Hemline put their name and reputation to it to be quite honest.

Very disappointing



The items from the Advent Calendar are as follows:…



28mm pins 

Pins are always useful, but I hate these tiny silver ones. They are difficult to see and too small and fiddly.



34mm Berry Head pins

These pins are perfect for your sewing projects. Not only are they my preferred pin, they are easy to see if you drop them.

I would have liked the glass headed type of pin instead of these.

I don’t know why they included two sets of pins, these could have been substituted for  something else.



32mm Safety pin

Brightly colored and useful for hemming garments etc.

They are small and very ‘thin’.  So I don’t know how long they will last.


IMG_20171104_141055 (1)

23mm Brass Safety pins.

Even though these are brass, there is no weight to them.

Again I don’t know why there are two sets of safety pins, maybe this is just for the cost to the company.



30 Assorted Hand Needles. 

At last something that every sewist cannot do without

These needles are all sizes and a good length. ..perfect



Sewing Kit 

These awful little kits are fit for nothing, except maybe an emergency kit for your holiday bag.

I can’t say I have needed or used one,,EVER.



Threaded Needles Travel Kit.

Again as the Sewing kit is included , this is another ‘filler’,

I suppose the needles will come in handy at some point but another gift that could be substituted for something that isn’t already included.



140cm/55′ Retractable Tape Measure 

While these Tape Measures are very useful, mine actually didn’t work,

The retract button is very small, I have small hands and I found it difficult to use.

What I did like is that it was a key ring, I keep a stick on hook on my sewing machine for small scissors etc and this is perfect for keeping things handy, if only it wasn’t broken.




150cm/60′ Retractable Tape Measure 

Another ‘copy’ gift only this one worked so this was a win of sorts.

A little longer than the key ring measure.



3pcs Needle Threaders

While these are useful, they are not sturdy enough to last. Included is a specific one for your sewing machine, but it is very flimsy.

I have the ‘Infila’ Needle Threader, in fact I have two, so these are going in the bin too.



Hummingbird Needle Threader

Now this, while very cute is so small, I had difficulty in seeing what I was to do with it.



Seam Ripper 

This is a winner, you can’t have too many as they do go blunt, and no matter how good you are..you will need one.



Metal Thimble 

These are really useless,

One size does not fit all and if you have any fingernails then it’s a definitely no go.

This is quite large, although the color is nice.



Metal Bobbin Class 15

Not for every sewist, as my machine uses plastic bobbins.

While there are other ‘doubles’ in this kit such as the pins etc, it would have been better to gift plastic bobbins as well as these.



Bobbin Holders

These are very useful.

I keep some in my sewing bag that I take to my sewing class,  they stop your bobbins getting ‘lost’ at the bottom.




Magnetic Seam Guide

I am happy to see this gadget in my kit. I have 3 sewing machines and only one seam guide, so it will be very useful to me



Universal Machine Needles 

These are a winner.

I like to change my needle after every project..but being an avid crafter I re-use my old one for paper-craft and other projects.

These fit any machine and are assorted sizes.



Fabric Wool Comb

I have never needed or used one of these.

They remove fuzz from fabric, so I guess they are handy for some sewists and not for others.



Pom Pom Maker.

While this isn’t the best Pom Pom Maker I have seen, it is useful and is something I don’t have.



Horseshoe Magnet 

Another handy gadget, just very small.



White Dressmaking Pencil

This speaks for itself.

However on the minus side it has no tip lid.

I actually have a multi chalk one but this will be used. Maybe I will keep it in my sewing bag for class.


IMG_20171104_141001 IMG_20171104_141017 (1)

Mini Scissors with Safety Cap.

I actually laughed when I saw these, they are the smallest scissors I have ever seen.

They can be used, good for thread cutting, but, the safety thread is a bit short, so it’s a struggle to put the cap on/off.



Storage Tin Box

This pretty tiny tin is useful for pins, buttons etc.

I already have a few of these and there is always room for one more in my sewing room.



Sewing Theme Key Chain

This is a nice touch.

A very pretty key chain of a sewing machine.

Made of padded plastic I am sure I will find a use for it .


Merry Christmas  x



2 thoughts on “Hemline Advent Calendar

  1. I take it this was 2018 I purchased one this year double your price, what a load of tat 2 tape measures everyone already has, empty tiny tin, thimble ,cheap stitch picker three lots of needles a pen tiny scissors 2 cottons small sewing chalk bees wax, plastic bobbins do not fit machine a few paper hexagons washi tape you get free everywhere as they want to get rid of them, a couple of buttons, strawberry pin cushion missing the little fillings to sharpen needles everything everyone already has, would not recommend .Sewing Quarter should be ashamed to sell this

    Liked by 1 person

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