The People at No 9 Felicity Everett

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Meet the new neighbours. Whose side are you on?

Have you met the People at Number 9?

Sara and Neil have new neighbours in their street. Glamorous and chaotic, Gav and Lou make Sara’s life seem dull. As the two couples become friends, sharing suppers, red wine and childcare, it seems a perfect couples-match. But the more Sara sees of Gav and Lou, the more she longs to change her own life. But those changes will come at a price.

I LOVE a tale such as this..

The people at No 9 puts a whole new spin on ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’.

When Gav and Lou move in next door to Sara and Neil, Sara (Saa Rah) is kind of enthralled by their Bohemia and coolness and she quickly makes friends.  Lou and Gav are arty folk whose kids run free and the closer Sara becomes to them, her relationship with her long standing friend Carol becomes more strained.

I am however sorry that I, at times was quite lost. I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen but was over and over disappointed.

I think that the author had an idea of a  middle class suburban couple being groomed for something..who knows what..then put an over the top spin on it. And while I loved Lou and Gav’s hippy lifestyle something didn’t quite gel.

I would have liked a shock.. but there was none.  The People at No 9 is just like my own neighbourhood with more parties and more sex.

This for me is a ‘marmite’ read.  Some will love it and some will not. Sadly it left me thinking why did I bother,




7 thoughts on “The People at No 9 Felicity Everett

  1. I know what you mean about waiting for something, I was expecting more of a psychological thriller. I did like it though … I could see people I know in a couple of The characters and thought the writing was great.

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      1. I think this was very mixed in opinion! I sometimes think the same … I’ve just read a book every seems to give 5 stars to and I’m all huh? What did I miss?! 😃

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