Make Wall Quilts: 11 Little Projects to Sew and Clearview Triangle quilting ruler.

614XwRuwplL._AC_US218_.jpgPub: C&T Publishing 

Decorate your living space with 11 pieces of beautiful fabric wall art that will turn your house into a home. Wall quilts are the perfect place to experiment with new techniques (piecing, appliqué, and quilting) without committing to a large-scale project. And with patterns from popular designers—Rebecca Bryan, Emily Cier, Jenifer Dick, Becky Goldsmith, Kathreen Ricketson, Camille Roskelley, Kim Schaefer, Heidi Staples, and Laura Wasilowski—you have a great variety to choose from! Modern or traditional, scrap-friendly or stash-busting, there’s something for everyone in this value-packed book.

Quilting has come a long way over the decades..

and are no longer just for practicality.

This fabulous little book has 11 amazing small quilts that can be used to adorn your walls or be used as lap quilts or for your baby’s crib.

Each project has easy pictorial instructions and a small snippet of information about the designer. It also includes a website for more information and additional books from which each quilt was previously shown.

The template sheet is practical and each quilt displayed has cutting and assembly order. The finished sizes are given and from start to finish, the quilts start small and increase in size, which is ideal depending on what your needs are. There is simply no reason why  you can’t adapt the sizes and make a  larger quilt.

This simple book is perfect for quilters. It is bright, easy to understand and the quilts are just beautiful.  My particular favourites are the ‘Adorn’ quilt and the ‘Bug Brigade’ which is so adorable.


Quilting is perfect for beginners..

All you need is some fabric, and a good ruler. You don’t even need a sewing machine in some cases as smaller quilts can be done by hand.

If you look down my blog posts I made a king sized quilt all by hand. (yes it took a while, but I was more than happy with the finished result.)

This book is filled with some very gorgeous quilts, one of my favourites and one I am definitely going to make to give as gift is the ‘Adorn’ quilt.


It’s simplicity is what makes this quilt stand out.

Another one is ‘Bug Brigade’


This quilt is done by applique, and just by choosing amazing fabric it can look very colourful and dramatic.

This quilting ruler is perfect for quilting giving 30 60 and 120 degree angles..

IMG_20170804_182504 IMG_20170804_182518

A lot of information can be found on the back so don’t throw the card away.

Quilting rulers give accurate measurements which is key for getting a perfect template for any sized quilt.

Made from acrylic they are sturdy and very safe to use. You will need a rotary cutter as well to complete your kit.

Happy sewing.

Buy the book..


Buy the quilting ruler..


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