The Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch Jamie Chalmers

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f you think you know what cross stitch is, look again! Jamie Chalmers, aka Mr X Stitch, shows you how to cross stitch using simple step-by-step instructions and also takes you to the frontiers of cross stitch design. The book is aimed at stitchers of all abilities, from absolute beginners looking to learn a new craft to embroiderers and cross stitchers who want to do something different in cross stitching. For many, cross stitch conjures up images of cute kittens and country cottages, but this book shows people that there’s a different side to cross stitching that it’s an art in its own right, and will encourage them to be a little braver with their art.

Jamie’s writing style is fun, entertaining and highly inspirational. The book aims to appeal to men as well as women, encouraging one and all to take up the ancient craft. It teaches the basics of cross stitching, including information on materials, tools, techniques and colour blending, but also puts Jamie’s own individual spin on it, with urban flavours and the introduction of different materials such as glow-in-the-dark threads and stitching on metal. As well as providing exciting designs to stitch, there is guidance on how to create cross stitch designs of your own, for example by using photographs and other images for reference.

Jamie also showcases the work of other contemporary cross stitchers who are pushing the boundaries of their craft, and introduces more than 20 stunning cutting-edge projects to make, showing that beauty, innovation and ‘craftivism’ are alive and kicking in this inspirational book.

Do Not for one minute be surprised that this is a Cross Stitch book by a man…

After all.  nearly all the best designers are men.

Jamie Chalmers Cross Stitch book is filled with good advice and techniques to get your creative juices flowing and with very descriptive words such as  ‘stitchgasm’ this book gives a contemporary look at a craft that has been loved for decades.

The first thing that grabbed me about Jamie’s work, was his craft box. He has a wicked collection of scissors of which I am rather quite envious.

Fabric, Threads and ‘Gizmos’ are covered and even before we take a look at the projects on offer, this book is a realm of information and stitching wisdom. If you think you have seen it all, then this fabulous book will a complete surprise. The section on colour is beautiful, and did you know about ‘Glow in the Dark’ thread???  Well !! I didn’t and I cannot wait to give it a go…… Perfect for children’s rooms don’t you think?

Jamie gives interviews with Cross Stitch ‘Outliers’,  They talk passionately about their craft and I was inspired by such creative people.

There is so much in this book, you get a lot for your money. I would soon run out space if I talked about it all.

One thing I must mention is the ‘Mona Lisa’ is stunning…and it’s not just aida that Jamie uses to stitch on.

This is an amazing book, and as an avid crafter and book collector is one I highly recommend. It really is a book with a difference…Oh and I really want one his badges. I love Mr X stitch.



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