The Cornish Coast Murder John Bude

51QosPk0MzL._AC_US218_.jpgPub: The British Library Publishing Division

The Reverend Dodd, vicar of the quiet Cornish village of Boscawen, spends his evenings reading detective stories by the fireside – but heaven forbid that the shadow of any real crime should ever fall across his seaside parish. The vicar’s peace is shattered one stormy night when Julius Tregarthan, a secretive and ill-tempered magistrate, is found at his house in Boscawen with a bullet through his head.

The local police inspector is baffled by the complete absence of clues. Suspicion seems to fall on Tregarthan’s niece, Ruth – but surely that young woman lacks the motive to shoot her uncle dead in cold blood? Luckily for Inspector Bigswell, the Reverend Dodd is on hand, and ready to put his keen understanding of the criminal mind to the test.

This novel from the golden age of British crime fiction is set against the vividly described backdrop of a fishing village on Cornwall’s south coast.

This is the second British Crime Library book I have read and I really enjoy them..

I do plan to read them all.

When Ruth Tregarthan finds her Uncle shot in the head, it sets of a chain of suspicion, accusation and mystery.

The Reverend Dodd, local Vicar and Doctor Pendrill, meet every week for dinner and divide out their recent delivery of library books. Both are avid detective fans. so as Doctor Pendrill is called upon when Julius Tregarthen is found dead, the Vicar especially is ‘delighted’ about the chance to solve a real life puzzle.

John Bude’s debut novel is a gem of a read. It does kind of go all over the place during the revealing of the killer, but it is a crime novel with enormous strength. I won’t compare it with the great Agatha Christie as some have, as it does lack in certain areas, but with the Cornish setting and the plot of Lord of the Manor and the lower classes of the era, it is a rather delightful and gripping tale.

I am so glad The British Crime Library have decided to reprint such novels, most of the original copies are now extremely rare, and to be able to read such books is quite exciting. The two books I have read from this series have dated really well, I don’t get the impression I am reading an ‘ancient’ story.

This is a novel that will interest crime fiction fans and is such a cozy murder mystery that I am sure many will become a fan too.




9 thoughts on “The Cornish Coast Murder John Bude

  1. Hi Tracy,

    I have seen various books from this series across the blogosphere lately, but have not really taken too much notice of their origins, as I am doing my best to avoid adding anything else to my TBR pile, unless really necessary.

    Now you have explained about the series so clearly and given my promise, made so long ago now, to read some of the classic books and authors, I just have to add these books as necessities!!

    I enjoy the sometimes rather dated style of writing and formulaic methods of crime solving, which as you say, offers up that rather ‘cozy’ appeal, so thanks for the feature and lovely review 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Yvonne.. This is a series I am hooked with, They are such easy reads, and like you I have a very high TBR pile. I think sometimes though we just need to read what we want to read rather than what we have to.. and I find that these stop my Book mojo from disappearing x I hope you enjoy them as much as I do x


  2. I read this last year sometime and have two more from the series waiting to be read. Like you I’m really pleased that this collection of crime novels have been reprinted, and I love the covers!

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