My Book Shelves …..

I love when other bloggers show off their shelves with all the different books they have.

I rather think it shows some of our personality and I do think our choice of books tells what type of reader we are.

So… I though I would take some – rather bad -pictures of my shelves…


These are my newest collection. They are the British Library Crime Collection.

I read ‘Verdict of Twelve’ which was available on Netgalley and I was hooked. I think there are 49 books in this collection so I have just 10 more to get.



‘Game of Thrones’.. I love the TV series and have not got round to reading these yet.

Full of blood, sex and dragons.. pure fantasy and complete escapism



Victoria Hislop is one my favourite authors. Like her I adore Greece. I loved ‘The Island’ and I have visited Spinalonga where the book is set. I also own a letter she wrote to me when I fan mailed her many years ago.



The Mitford girls are the most fascinating ladies. Crazy, wild and interesting.

I started reading about them when author Lousie Trager mentioned that she to was reading a book about their lives. I googled them and I was hooked.

I love when others reading interests influence my own.



Susan Hill.. I first read a Susan Hill novel when ‘The Woman in Black came to the cinema.

Then my husband bought me a signed copy of Dolly, which I loved. I have since read many of her novels and although my collection is small she is always an author I recommend.



The great Agatha Christie is my absolute favourite favourite.  I watch the TV shows whenever they are on and I have collected  quite a few of these on audio CD also.

I love nosy Miss Marple and Poirot is a clever and wise detective. My favourite tale is ‘And There Were None’ I have 3 copies of this book as they have been printed with different titles due to Political Correctness, which is a shame.



Carol Drinkwater is another favourite of mine. Originally an actress, she bought an Olive farm in France. She built it up from scratch and it is now a thriving business for her and her husband.

I love reading about her struggles and her delights and on a sunny day you can get quite engrossed in these books. Well worth a read.



Ashamedly I have never read a classic.. however my friend bought me Jane Eyre for Christmas and I decided t collect a few that I might like.

I will get round to reading them..eventually..



I love France…..and French translated novels and ones set in France appeal to me very much.

I buy them whenever I see one and read and re-read till they are quite dog-eared.



My precious signed copies and one in which I have had blog quotes.

I know I don’t have to explain these are I guess we all hold them dear. I have two shelves dedicated to these beauties.

My particular favs are ones by Angela Marsons as she created a character in her novels based on me..Tracy Frost – Reporter.  I am honoured and will treasure these beautiful books forever.

IMG_20170808_134142 (1)


Favourite childrens books have always been a delight for me.

I used to own every Enid Blyton but when I got divorced I couldn’t take everything when I moved. This has always upset me but I have started to collect them again along with some other titles I enjoyed.



Last but definitely not least is Liz Fenwick..  I am from Devon and Liz’s books capture my beloved Cornwall beautifully.

I have spent much of my childhood exploring beaches and tiny villages in and around Cornwall and having lived the last 11 years in Durham my craving for a Cornish pasty is insatiable…One day I will return



Well…are there any surprises here for you..

Happy reading x




3 thoughts on “My Book Shelves …..

  1. Your shelves look a lot more organised and beautiful than mine! I do like having a full series… And shame about losing your Enid Blytons. I was very lucky in that virtually all of the books minus a few dictionaries and science books were mine…

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