Make Softies: 11 Cuddly Toys to Sew

51pgYrDGXUL._AC_US218_Pub: C&T Publishing

If you want to sew up a quick gift, make a toy for a baby or toddler, or decorate your home with a little whimsy, look no further than this collection of 10 softies from popular designers Amy Adams, Kirstyn Cogan, Samantha Cotterill, Abby Glassenberg, Jill Hamor, Brenna Maloney, Sweetwater, Kasja Wikman, Annabel Wrigley, and Angela Yosten. Cute houses, cuddly creatures, friendly characters, and even a checkerboard are all achievable with three-dimensional sewing for beginners and experienced sewists. Plus, the projects in this value-packed book will use up your scraps, stash, and even your socks!

With 11 cuddly and very cute toys to sew…

Make Softies is a collaboration of various designers that requires a knowledge of sewing and lots of time.

These adorable patterns are perfect for reducing your fabric stash, and if like me you have a bin full of scraps then this is the book for you.

Each project, from owls, to mushrooms and even a village are easily put together using the step by step instructions and pictures, you can even make a Alien with a ‘stray’ grey sock.

C & T Publishing have put this book together beautifully, and each project come with a small ‘history’ of the designer and from which book the pattern has come from. Honestly, you will never have to buy another soft toy again.

The Swedish Tomte Softie is adorable and one of my favourites.

There are some pattern templates at the back of the book, some of which you have to photocopy up to a % size, but each project is colorful and very well explained.

This is book that will be a welcome addition to any crafters bookshelf and I know my copy is going to be well used.


I am going to make ‘Ollie the Owl’……..

(he is shown on the front cover sat with the baby)


After preparing my pattern, which needs to enlarged by local library did this for me at just 15p per sheet. ( I only needed one copy).



There is a lot of preparation to this project. You need 236 pieces just for the feathers alone…see what I mean about reducing your stash?

So I sat down with an audio book and got cutting out.



After fusing the ‘eyes’ to Bondaweb, I zig zagged each eye to the body front, and did the same with the beak.. The best thing about doing it this way is that it safe for babies and young choking hazzards as there would be if you used buttons.

It is best if you position the eyes and beak before you iron them to the body, as you have to leave a 1/4 seam around the owl for sewing together. You don’t want the eyes to get caught in that seam in the final sew together.



The next step is to ‘grid mark’ the places where the feathers will sit.


I very faintly drew these lines on with a iron erasable pen.


Sew the feathers together, wrong sides together. leaving the tops open. You will need 118  feathers….Phew!!!!

I found it easier to ‘chain stitch’ so I didn’t have to keep stopping…


Turn each feather the right way round and press each one flat.


On the faint lines, lay each feather 1/4 inch away from each side. Each feather needs to have the raw edge on the line..then stitch..


Then fold them flat and top stitch along the edge..


Continue to do the same with each row.


When finished the back and the front should look like this… very cute.



Stitch around the feet and fill with toy stuffing..


Pin the feet to the front of owl body ..


Then pin owl front to owl back..taking care to keep all the feathers out of the way.


Stitch around the owl with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Every 1 1/2 inches I double stitched just to ensure that the seams will not pull apart.. you know how  children can be quite vigorous with their cuddlies..  leave a gap so you can fold right way in and stuff your owl.

Before you fold right way in.. check all seams have been stitched. the seam allowance is quite small and you can miss a bit with this project due to the extra thickness concerning the feathers.


One finished ‘Ollie the Owl’.. 🙂


You will not finish this project in a day.. I completed it over a weekend…

If you want to have your ‘Ollie’ a bit sooner I think he would look rather adorable using felt instead of preparing fabric feathers.

Happy Sewing


Want to win Ollie ??

Leave a comment and I will pick a winner.. The winner is … CleopatraLovesBooks  Congrats  x


Buy the book..




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