Layered Cloth.. The Art of Fabric Manipulation Ann Small

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Ann Small’s imaginative use of cutting and manipulating techniques, and her layering and colouring tricks, makes this your ‘go-to’ guide for bringing form and texture to your fabric artwork. This book is a rich resource and reference for textile artists seeking new ideas and who want to experiment with reverse appliqué and related techniques such as layering, trapunto, stacks, puffs and fabric manipulation.


  • Packed with techniques suitable for quilting and other textile art
  • Three wearable step-by-step projects
  • Clear, close-up images make layering enjoyable and accessible



At first glance this seems like a difficult skill to master…

However,  the techniques are so beautiful and with step by step instruction the projects and the desired effects are easily achieved.

In full bright color, the grids are easy to understand and along with ‘cheats’, ideas and  even finishing and how to care for your art, this book is a creative ‘must have’.

Ann Small is clearly very artistic and what this book does is give you you very simple ideas that when put together creates something that is very pleasing to the eye and inventive.

I loved the originality of each piece, I especially liked the page on the ‘Kantha’ technique and the beautiful Kimono that is pictured is simply stunning. I think that even if a mistake was made, it really wouldn’t matter, such is the effect of this art.

Handbags, scarfs and flowers are included, and if you are a fabric lover like me it won’t be too long before you create your own beautiful design.

This book is stunning.


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7 thoughts on “Layered Cloth.. The Art of Fabric Manipulation Ann Small

      1. I used to cross stitch but I find that with illness my grip isn’t to good for the sewing needle & o struggle to read the patterns now 😞 I’d like to be more creative but my enthusiasm never matches my skill set hahaha knitting is about the only thing I do apart from baking xx

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