Japanese Paper Embroidery Mari Kamio Minako Chiba

51g+ZBHkfZL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press Books

Embroidery on paper is a traditional and well-loved craft, here artfully translated into beautiful and understated Japanese designs by a t s u m i, Minako Chiba and Mari Kamio. These three talented Japanese crafters have created a range of delightful paper projects that are modern, stylish and fun to make. Each project is accompanied by a full-size template and notes on how to embroider the design, and there are clear and detailed instructions on the materials and tools you require; the essential technique of embroidering on paper; and eleven basic embroidery stitches that can be used individually or in combination to create all of the exquisite designs in the book. Choose from a range of ideas that includes drawing, writing and more creative projects, including paper clocks, notebooks, envelopes, decorations, book marks and cards for all occasions. Suitable for those new to paper embroidery as well as more experienced crafters, this book will excite and inspire anyone with a love of Japanese style and clean, simple design.

This beautiful book is filled with 20 simple projects..

Each project can be adapted for Birthday, Christmas or any event that might inspire your creativity to embroider on paper.

This craft is an alternative to regular embroidery and could be a step to learn for a beginner or for children.

Each simple technique is completed with a just a few easy stitches but the overall effect can be quite amazing.

The wrapping paper idea is truly beautiful and one that I am going to use for any special gifts, and the stitch fronted notebooks would make perfect gifts. The 3 sections are very descriptive and filled with wonderful ideas, tips and interesting projects. There is also a template section which I am sure will motivate and influence more ideas than the ones suggested.

I love Japanese crafts, just by the simplicity of the art and design gives all the projects a rich and beautiful look.

This is a book that would be a great addition to any crafters bookshelf, and it’s a gorgeous looking book so it would make an ideal gift too.


You don’t need a lot of items for Paper Embroidery.

A sharp needle, some thread and some paper or thin card is perfect to start with..


I traced my template onto some tracing paper which then transferred the design onto my card.


After a short time I made a small ‘hello’ card and book cover …sew sweet.


happy sewing….


Buy the book..




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