William Morris in Applique Michele Hill

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The author’s collection of appliqué quilts has been inspired by the genius of William Morris, the 19th century designer icon whose uniquely sumptuous style is still hugely popular and relevant today. Each project captures the beauty and richness of nature so exquisitely interpreted by William Morris. Projects include lavish quilts, wall hangings and a stunningly embroidered cushion – all based on original designs by William Morris. Easy to follow instructions and clear step-by-step photographs for the quilting, appliqué and embroidery techyniques applied as well as fabric preparation and tools complete this beautiful book. Four double-sided, full size patterns, are bound into the back of the book.

This is a very beautiful book..

Michele Hill has included a very interesting history of William Morris, and learning of his love of the garden you can see where his inimitable inspiration comes from.

William Morris is a name that most quilters will have heard of.  His designs are amazing and very Arts and Crafts. His use of color is a vibrant collective of blues, reds and greens and the photographs that Michele has used are simply stunning.

In full glossy color, this book gives you many applique projects, and general instructions. With equipment, fabrics and construction advice,  along with stitches and techniques, Michele Hill has brought to us a complete guide to making our very own William Morris.

The wall hanging in this book is beautiful and the quilt blocks look easy to assemble. You have to have some knowledge and capability of applique, but I think that even a novice could manage a simple block with a bit of practice.

The book comes with 4 large pages of full size templates, which is an added bonus, this makes it easier to use and you can start your project straight away.

The author has thought of everything, and this fabulous book even has a reference guide to other books about William Morris.

Perfect to use and to read.


These are the 4 pages of  templates that are within the book.  This is very useful as some craft books come with templates that need to be photocopied at 100%.


I decided to make Block 1 ….



This is Block 1. It is part of a quilt design, but even though it is simple by it’s design, use of clever colors can bring this to life.



I copied the Block template onto ‘bondaweb’. Bondaweb is a double-sided product that allows you to stick your template to your fabric.   This makes the whole process of applique easier, as you iron the transfer onto your fabric, which can then be ironed onto your Block fabric.


My Block is going to be 9 1/2 in x 9 1/2 in. so after choosing my preferred fabric I ironed the templates to the bondaweb and placed them onto my fabric to get the position ‘right’. I then ironed them in place.


A handy tip for removing the backing paper of the bondaweb is to score a pin across the center and peel from this.  Do not peel from the corner of your applique as this causes your shape to fray.


My applique Block is now ready to sew. This can be done with a sewing machine using a small zig zag stitch, or, which is my preferred method, by hand. I am going to do a small blanket stitch.


After sewing my block. it just needs a press.

Then onto Block Two.


Happy Sewing.

Buy the book….








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