The Art of Bead Embroidery Margaret Lee

51nT-remrNL._AC_US218_.jpgPub: Inspirations


By applying the time-honoured techniques and traditions of Japanese embroidery, beautiful beaded motifs are brought to life. Discover a whole new world of beading through the pages of this superb book which includes detailed step-by-step diagrams, full descriptions of the techniques involved and fabulous photography. Nine stunning projects are included ranging from simple beginner designs to a sumptuous evening bag.

The projects in this beautiful book are just divine…

The Wedding Bells cushion is my particular favourite, but I feel it will take a lot of practice and a bit of time to be truly accomplished in this craft.

I have made beaded jewellery, but the items in this book by Margaret Lee are on another level.

Along with an interesting history of bead embroidery Lee includes a wealth of information on what is needed to complete and become accomplished in this Japanese art.

As with all Japanese craft, there is a learning and an art in the actual process of making a project, and even the symmetry of the stitches is what makes  a beautiful effect and eventual finish.

This book has 9 projects from bags to boxes, and comes with pull out pattern sheet. The end of the book tells you how to interpret your own design and plan your elements for your personal project.

The Art of Bead Embroidery is a fabulous book. Margaret Lee’s lets us in on all her secrets and leaves nothing out. It is beautifully illustrated and each project has an order of work from design to construction.

I don’t think anyone who buys this book will not want to have a go and try and achieve their own pretty and useful object.


I have not included a demonstration as I usually do with my reviews as I am not accomplished in this craft…but I a definitely going to have a go and will publish my results in the near future.


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