Adventures in Hexagons Emily Breclaw


61HGjvDJ2+L._AC_US218_Pub: C &T Publishing.

Move beyond one-patch hexagon layouts and turn six-sided shapes into versatile quilt design elements! Sew single, triple, rosette sprocket and medallion blocks in a variety of sizes and pieced combinations for stunning visual effects. Eleven hexagon quilts invite you to master the Y-seam by machine or hand, as you sew astounding quilts that beg the question, ”How’d you do that?” Mix it up with the author’s design primer, which gives you the tools to create new hex effects and draft your own stunning hexie quilt.

Everyone who has  ever made a quilt have probably made a ‘hexie’ one at some point.

The fabulous little six sided shapes are so effective and can be look very beautiful.

I have made quilts, bags and even a book cover using these shapes, from 3.4 inch to 5 inch, they really are versatile and clever to use in any pattern.

Emily Breclaw’s book, is filled with advice in how to start your project, from what size hexagon to use, to how to sew the little things together. She has included design grids, so you can design your own pattern,  and templates to trace around and cut out for even accuracy.

There are 11 quilts and 29 blocks in this book, which is more than enough to get you started.

The pictures are bright and each project lists materials, cutting and construction, so you really can’t go wrong.

EPP..English Paper traditionally a hand stitching project, but small projects can, with a little patience, be tackled on a sewing machine.  Sewing with hexagons is so addictive, the act of just sitting and hand stitching them together is a time of quiet and relaxation. I recommend this anyone who suffers from a little stress

I adored this book, Emily has brought this craft bang up to date,  I particularly liked the ‘Twinkling’ quilt and the ‘Starburst’ pattern is just beautiful.


As I have covered sewing with Hexies in a previous project (sew small bags) ..

This a quilt I made using 1 1/2 in hexagons.

The pattern is ‘Grandmas Garden’ and is such an easy one to start with.


There are many possibilities for a design and using Emily’s design grid I have designed my own pattern that I am going to make for my next quilt project.


I have decided to call this ‘Are You Feeling Sleepy’….

Happy Sewing.

Buy the book…



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