Madame Bouvary in the Suburbs Sophie Divry

51bpQ0ga2qL._AC_US218_Pub: MacLehose Press

The story of a woman’s life, from childhood to death, somewhere in provincial France, from the 1950s to just shy of 2025.

She has doting parents, does well at school, finds a loving husband after one abortive attempt at passion, buys a big house with a moonlit terrace, makes decent money, has children, changes jobs, retires, grows old and dies. All in the comfort that the middle-classes have grown accustomed to.

But she’s bored.

She takes up all sorts of outlets to try to make something happen in her life: adultery, charity work, esotericism, manic house-cleaning, motherhood and various hobbies – each one abandoned faster than the last. But no matter what she does, her life remains unfocussed and unfulfilled. Nothing truly satisfies her, because deep down – just like the town where she lives – the landscape is non-descript, flat, horizontal.

The originality of this book is amazing..

I loved it.

We don’t really know who the woman in the story is, she is simply M.A. and this is a story about her as if told by someone else….genius, perfectly quirky and simply delightful.

I adored how three pages were spent describing the motor car and another three about a washing cycle…that I could totally identify with.

M.A. could be anyone.. me .. you..your mother.. from birth to death,, from childhood to marriage Madame Bouvary in the Suburbs is an absolute gem of a read.

It is a gentle and enlightening look at one girls life and all her fascinations, worries, dreams and realities.  AND I have to mention the cover.. the cartoony images of M.A.’s life is gorgeous.

This book for me is keeper, and one I will continue recommend.



4 thoughts on “Madame Bouvary in the Suburbs Sophie Divry

  1. I read Sophie Divry (one of our ‘local’ writers when I was living in France), but another book which has not been translated yet: ‘When the Devil comes out of the bathroom’. A similar subject matter, but it’s a contemporary young woman who can’t quite make ends meet and pretends to be successful when she goes back for a family reunion. I think the author is very funny and yet also painfully reallistic.

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