Knit Yourself Calm Betsan Corkhill Lynne Rowe

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Knitting is a relaxing and therapeutic pastime, and this winning combination focuses on mindfulness and the perfect stress-busting knitting projects. Whether you choose a portable project to knit on the go, a group project to do with friends, or one that introduces new skills to stimulate a creative mind, this book is the perfect path to keeping calm.

The book is aimed at beginners as well as more advanced knitters, but does not include anything more complex than basic knit and purl stitches, increasing, decreasing and some simple colourwork.

Lynne Rowe covers the essential techniques at the start of the book, followed by projects that have been specifically designed for mindfulness. The projects themselves are split into five sections: Quick and Easy, Portable, Group, Big, and New Skills. Within these sections, you can choose to make things such as a wash cloth, a hat, a blanket, a shawl and an evening bag, amongst others.

Every single one has been designed to promote calm and mindfulness and all the projects are beautifully photographed with clear and simple knitting patterns.

The Introduction is written by Betsan Corkhill, an experienced healthcare professional who founded the community interest company in 2005. It has grown into a global online community for those who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of craft, and in particular, knitting. Betsan has also advised on the projects included in the book and repetitive techniques to promote a calm state.

The five sections have different ways of promoting calm and the feelgood factor:

Knit Yourself Calm is a little gem of a book.

I am not an avid knitter, but I loved the projects in this book.

It has absolutely everything one needs to be creative with wool and each project starts with an explanation of what ‘calm’ it might bring.

This is a book that has been well thought out, it has help and tips to guide you. from a beginner ( it even has a section that shows you how to knit) to advanced knitters, there is something for every skill level. The technical guide lists a stitch guide, decreasing, increasing and even how to ‘block’ your knits to get the best look for them.

Even though the title suggests that this is ‘a creative path to managing stress’ this is not a ‘guru’ book. It is one that with each project you will find quiet and relaxing time to just absorb in the craft.

Each page is filled with beautifully photographed and easy instructions, Socks,Blankets and  a Teddy Bear that can be created in a day are just a few.

I loved it.


I decided to make the cute Teddy Bear…



For this project you just need one ball of wool. I had some left over from another project which was perfect.



You do not need fancy gadgets.. I prefer the pen and paper method of keeping check of my rows.


IMG_20170708_140517 IMG_20170708_150017 IMG_20170708_163212 IMG_20170708_190024

The Teddy Bear ‘grows’ very quick.. He is only about 80 rows all in, and because it uses ‘garter stitch’ only it is the perfect project for new knitters.  The legs are completed first then the body, followed by the head and lastly the arms are done separately.



I completed the bear in an afternoon/early evening. I am not a fast knitter and by no means an expert. This is an simple and adorable bear that is finished by stitching together, adding some eyes and finally a twisted yarn scarf.

Now what shall I name him???


Happy Knitting.

Buy the book…



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