No Scrap Left Behind Amanda Jean Nyberg

51-To8DWi6L._AC_US218_Pub: C & T Publishing

Rescue your fabric scraps-even the smallest pieces-with 16 satisfying quilts and projects. Sew modern quilts for everyday use that will help you get back to the roots of quiltmaking, with projects designed to help you use up every last scrap. Learn sorting and storage tips to help you plan your next quilt, with projects categorised by type of scrap-squares, strings, triangles, or little snippets. Sew pretty pincushions and cards for instant gratification, saving the most treasured pieces for a full-size quilt. You’ll never look at scraps the same way again!

I don’t know about you..

But as a sewist I find that I have far too many fabric scraps that I don’t know what to do with.

No Scrap Left Behind aims to tell you what to do with such things and with ideas from scrap management, color schemes as well as many projects, your scrap bundle will be no more.

The projects is this inspiring book use squares, triangles and either large or small from quilts to pin cushions, ย Amanda Jean Nyberg has some fabulous ideas for everyone.

Every level of sewist will benefit from this book and it would make a perfect gift for a newbie.

I love it.


Although there are some beautiful projects and I have a ton of scrap fabric..

I decided for review purposes to make the ‘Needle Sorter’. In the book the author suggests sorting your sharp and blunt needles for fabric and paper. I decided that I would change to pins and needles to suit my own personal need.



I gathered my scraps and decided on my project.



In no time at all I have the perfect pin cushion. I am lucky enough to have an ABC function on my sewing machine, but you can quite easily do this by hand with embroidery thread.

Buy the book…



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