Origami Animal Friends Mari Ono

51HPZ4ixXvL._AC_US218_ Pub:  CICO books

Open your dream pet shop with these 35 fun paper-based projects.

All animal lovers are going to go wild for the 35 amazing activities in Origami Animal Friends. With just a few pieces of paper you can create all your favourite pets, including cute cats, dogs, rabbits and horses alongside creepy crawlies, fish, frogs, birds and lots more. The clear step-by-step instructions are so simple to follow that anyone can have a go, no matter if you are a first-time folder or an origami expert. Best of all, Origami Animal Friends comes with a pack containing 50 specially designed pieces of origami paper, so you can start making your first cute creature right away.

This delightful book would make the perfect gift for older children. 

I can just imagine hours of fun creating and enjoying this ancient art, It is said that origami exercises the brain and helps to heal.

Origami Animal Friends comes with 50 sheets of printed paper to enable you to fold and crease into shape every kind of animal. dogs, rabbits cats and even a beautiful peacock.

Each animal is perfectly illustrated and the folding is described in easy to follow pictures and written instruction.

There are 35 animals in total,  and Japanese born Mari Ono has made this art very simple for us to master.

The papers are beautifully patterned and designed to be folded so each animal has it’s markings placed correctly. I honestly do not know which is my favourite.

This book definitely has to make it into some Christmas stockings.


My efforts….



Choosing which animal to fold was the hardest choice. The printed papers are beautiful, and as you can see they are designed to get the most out of your folding.


IMG_20170702_185153 IMG_20170702_185234

These paper folded ‘pets’ are just adorable. I made the cat, the peacock and the ladybird and you can just how beautiful the printed paper is. The paper is quite thick and of good quality.

It is easy to fold, although young children might need help.

Some of the projects use scissors.


Buy the book…






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