The Tunic Bible Sarah Gunn and Julie Starr

61vMRAwzFwL._AC_US218_Pub: C & T Publishing

t’s the only tunic pattern you’ll ever need! A graded bodice pattern with alternate neck plackets, collars, and sleeves provides a variety of unique, ready-to-wear fashions. From everyday casual to preppy chic, boho, or glamorous, you’ll find the look that’s right for you. Well respected in the sewing industry for their pattern reviews and online garment challenges, Sarah Gunn and Julie Starr make the tunic accessible and exciting for those with basic sewing skills and beyond.

This is what I call a ‘posh’ book.

The Tunic Bible is a beautifully thought out book with a tunic for every ‘body’.

There are 7 styles and 12 pattern pieces along with ideas of embellishments and fabric recommendations.

Sarah Gunn and Julie Starr have brought to us sewists of any level, easily adaptable shapes, styles and sizes, tunics that can be made to dress up or wear casual.  They are simple but simply beautiful.

What I loved about this book is that the ‘models’ were all normal women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I loved that the sizes are precise.. I am a UK size 12 and I made the large size pattern and the finished project fitted with room to spare.

I loved the set out of the book, each tunic is set by color and style. so we can see what exactly can be achieved, by look and again style and shape.

Each tunic can be made short, dress or maxi length, again giving a multi choice, that be a staple in a ladies wardrobe.  There is also a choice of necklines and sleeves. With splits and ruffles there is so much to decide.

The photographs are large enough to be able to see the detail and the instructions come with precise easy to follow methods.

What I didn’t like was that the double sided pattern sheet is printed quite faint, and was difficult to see through my tracing pattern paper, so you do need a thin tracing paper to do this. The pattern are sized from XS to XXl so cover a wide range of ladies body types.

I really loved this book and I cannot stress the beauty of it. It’s definitely one to leave out and I am sure I will using it to make more than one.


I made the Shorty placket tunic with split cuffs.



I traced my pattern onto pattern paper.

I am lucky enough to have a french curve ruler, although this is not an essential item I do think that this gives a more professional shape to your project.



After choosing my fabric I cut out each piece and transferred any markings ..such as darts.



The ‘placket’ was the most trickiest thing. On the instructions to this tunic there were no picture diagrams. So I have taken a few photos just for demonstration purposes. Do Not Be Put Off…This was actually quite easy to do.

IMG_20170707_151646  IMG_20170707_151956 IMG_20170707_152102

This is the finished placket 🙂



This is my finished garment..


It looks very beautiful and only took a couple of hours to sew. I stitched a decorative stitch along the side seams just to finish it off.

Because the instructions and pattern give you the option for different lengths, I can see myself making a few of these. They are perfect for summer and can be used as an ideal cover-up for the beach as well as being a fashionable wearable item.


I liked it so much I made another..



Buy the book…




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