1000 Cross Stitch Motifs Jan Eaton

51AifP3BnTL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press Books

This collection of 1000 cross-stitch motifs, each presented as an easy-to-follow colour chart, presents cross stitchers with a fabulous resource for incorporation into cards, samplers, pictures, and larger work. The pattern library is divided into eleven different themes for ease of use, and each page is accompanied by a key showing the colours used. Details of motif sizes and thread numbers are given at the end of the library. The introductory section at the start of the book covers the basic techniques and materials, allowing even absolute beginners to start stitching right away. It contains over 1000 fabulous cross-stitch motifs. It is an easy-to-use resource for cross stitchers of all abilities.

Cross Stitch for crafters never goes out of style.

This fabulous handy and portable book is filled with small pattern charts that can be used to piece together to make a big sampler or used to decorate cards, tags and smaller projects.

You do not need to spend a lot of money for this craft, so it’s perfect to be able to enjoy and learn new skills.

Jan Eaton covers just about everything in this book. From what you need to how to techniques, she demonstrates the stitches helps with design and gives ideas on how to make your work look the best. Eaton also explains how to use the charts,so this is perfect for every level of cross stitcher.

There are letters, animals, borders and events, such as Christmas, also flowers, people, cats and dogs even beautiful butterflies, so there is really no need to be stuck for a pattern or an idea.

This would make the perfect gift and with this book you get a lot for your money.


I have started this using ideas from the book. Cross stitching is a slow process so for review purposes I have used a few motifs from the book just to give you an idea of what is available.

This will eventually be a Valentines cushion so I will using all the hearts and letters to decorate my project.


You don’t need a lot of ‘stuff’  for cross stitching. Just some Aida, I prefer 14 count ( which is 14 squares per inch) some thread and a needle.


I am not a ‘thread snob’. ( Some use the more expensive DMC thread, but today I am using a cheaper brand)  Unless my project is something special for someone, I use a thread that is of good quality and one that doesn’t fray.



To start, I like to do a running stitch just around the edge. Aida does tend to fray when you are working on larger projects. You can stitch the edge with a sewing machine or overlocker if you wish.


IMG_20170701_191108 IMG_20170702_091458

So as you can see, I have completed a border and used some letters to start my design.


As I have said Cross stitching can be a long process, depending on the size of your project.

Gift tags are perfect for small projects and can be used to give a handmade touch to any gift.

I will post my finished project soon so please call back.

Happy Cross stitching.

Buy the book…








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