Zakko Embroidery Yumiko Higuchi

615YMd2eh7L._AC_US160_ Pub: Shambhala Publications Inc

Embrace a simpler approach to stitching with bold one- and two-color embroidery motifs

Zakka Embroidery presents designs that are an elegant blend of Japanese and Scandinavian style. The motifs and patterns are spare and graphic, yet softened with organic shapes and imagery drawn from nature. The result is embroidery that evokes a personal feel and conjures a sense of nostalgia.
The task of picking just the right palette for an embroidery project can be overwhelming to beginners and experienced stitchers alike. But when you take away that challenge, a whole world of texture and style becomes available. Here Japanese designer Yumiko Higuchi presents embroidery motifs to be stitched using just one or two colors–creating patterns and designs that are more evocative for their form than for a play of colors. Each embroidery design is paired with a simple craft project, transforming the stitched fabric into a functional object, including pouches, pillows, aprons, and more.

With beautiful photographs, clear step-by-step instructions, and detailed diagrams, Zakka Embroidery will be an inspiring guide for those new to embroidery and a delightful experience for those experienced with needle and thread.

I love how serenity just leaps from the pages of this wonderful book.

Set in two parts, the first for one color embroidery and the second for two color embroidery, the projects are far from what you might think boring.

These rather effective and beautiful projects from flowers and insects to sailboats and birds, brighten up any garment or bag.

Yumiko is amazing at what she does and her book  is filled with ideas. Along with a stitch guide, patterns and templates, this is a book that I think every stitcher will love.

It will be inspirational for beginners and a perfect gift for advanced level sewists.

It is a cute size book with 191 pages of color pictures just crying out to be brought to life. These simple and gorgeous designs will keep me a happy crafter for a long time.



I decided to make a gift bag.



You don’t need a lot of materials to get started on any project from this book.

A needle, some embroidery thread and some fabric.. or just a t shirt that needs something extra.  You could even go mad and decorate a denim that always looks effective.

I traced the outline onto some old cotton fabric and just relaxed.



After an hour I was happy with my design, so I stitched the sides together and added some ribbon to make a drawstring bag.

Embroidery is such a gentle craft, it is one that needs no thinking and you can just sit for however long and create. It is even good for sewing on the go.. such as long car journeys.

Happy Sewing.

Buy the book..




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