Crocheted Baby Shoes Val Pierce.

51TwJcKrABL._AC_US218_Pub; Search Press Books


Looking for a unique baby gift? Here are twenty gorgeous shoes, booties and pumps to crochet in a range of colours and styles, for both boys and girls. Choose from red strawberry-style shoes with flowery toes, smiley car shoes, Christmas booties and even shoes shaped like frogs! Each pair of shoes requires relatively small quantities of yarn and can be crocheted quickly, easily, and on the go using the clear instructions provided. Each project is accompanied by lists of the materials and equipment required and inspiring photographs. As all babies are different, sizes and age suggestions are given for each project, from birth to twelve months, but general advice is also given at the beginning of the book on how to increase or decrease the size of the projects.

This gorgeous little book is filled with adorable baby shoes for you to crochet.

In full glossy color there are 20 booties and shoes that every baby, boy or girl would be happy to wear.

There are cars, elephants and even Boating shoes all beautiful and oh so cute.

The sizes of the shoes range from 0-3 mths  3-6 mths 6-9mths and 9-12 mths and there are plenty of styles to choose from in every color.

The instructions are easy to follow, but you do need to know how to crochet and what certain stitches are, as book book does not tell you how to do that. however there are many ‘how to’ such as You tube if you get stuck, and to be honest, crochet is so simple once you have the hang of it this book is certain to delight and inspire.

This book is part of a 20 to make series by Search press books, I think that all the projects are just amazing and each book has something for every crafter.

I might just get them all.


I chose to make the ‘Kimono Slippers’..


I needed a 3mm hook and my choice of wool.  The instructions are simple to follow and each tells you what materials. hook gauge for tension and the size. So you just cannot go wrong.

IMG_20170622_172050    IMG_20170622_174002



The book does not have diagrams for each stage, which I think would be helpful for beginners. I have been able to crochet for a couple of years, but I am still learning.

These are the soles of the slippers



The sides of the slippers are next and these are built up with a number of stitches added to the sides.



How to make up the shoes are precise instructions, and each slipper took me about one hour to make. I am sure it will take faster crocheters less time, but making them is an enjoyable process, so why rush.



So after a couple of hours and with added buttons and decorative stitches I have the cutest pair of slippers  These are for a baby aged 3-6 mths and quite honestly I cannot stop cooing over them.

If you know a little girl who would love these..leave a comment 

winner picked Wednesday 28th June.

Happy crafting!!


The  winner is : @TheQuietKnitter  Well done Kate x



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