Paper Quilling Elizabeth Moad

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Elizabeth Moad takes you through simple step-by-step techniques to show you how to make beautiful quilled cards, gift boxes, tags and wall art for family and friends. Modern motifs, vibrant papers and funky framing can be used to transform this ancient craft into contemporary designs that appeal to all ages. Elizabeth uses elements such as patterns and colour combinations as a starting point and then translates them into exciting quilling ideas.

Using minimal equipment and featuring flowers, balloons, hearts, owls and more, create unique and lovely gifts for the special occasions in your life.

I am new to the art of Quilling..

But Elizabeth Moad makes it look so simple.

Paper Quilling has 20 projects suitable for all occasions and they are so pretty and perfect I cannot see how anyone will not want to try them.

This book has glossy full size pictures and easy to follow instructions, Elizabeth Moad gives practical tips and even gives an interesting history of the art of twirling paper.

Quilling is not a difficult craft although it is fiddly. It is perfect for relaxing and you can achieve good results in a little amount of time.


This is my effort.. not perfect but very effective.



and after a little bit more practice….


IMG_20170621_095027  IMG_20170621_095032


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