Improv Paper Piecing Amy Friend

51Mdyic7vwL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_ Pub: Lucky Spool

Create unique improvisationally based block designs using the traditional paper piecing methods and use them to build repeatable patterns just like traditionally pieced quilts. As the first to explore the possibilities of this technique, Amy Friend shows quilters how to introduce the repetition of an improv sketch that results in secondary patterns. This repetition of shape causes the eye to move across the quilt top and creates unity instead of the chaotic jumbled appearance found in some improv piecing. The book is divided into three sections where the blocks are designed based on traditional blocks, shapes, and objects. Because new techniques are best understood after following a pattern, each of those is illustrated with 3 quilts. Although 12 patterns are included for those who want to use this as a pattern book, the goal is to teach others how to design their own blocks using this exciting modern technique.

I just adore EPP (English paper piecing} and Amy Friend has taken this craft to another level with this fantastic book. There is nothing like a handmade quilt and especially one that you have designed yourself.

This book takes you through every process of quilt design and with fabulous pictures along with fabric choices and design ideas you will have no trouble in creating your very own.
Filled with inspiration, there are templates to help you along the way and with Amy’s instruction in how to make a simple and traditional quilt block it looks so easy to achieve.
The thing I love about this book is the way Amy talks about how to make even the simplest block look completely different just by moving the block around.
This book is full of expert advice and one that will be asset on any crafters bookshelf.


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