Stitched Sewing Organizers Aneela Hoey

61YEvklGV8L._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press

Celebrate and use your sewing skills with Aneela Hoey’s 15 stylish yet functional patterns for a wide variety of sewing organizers. Designed to work together, many of the smaller projects fit into larger ones and can be made into a coordinating set. Showcase trendy fat quarters and half-yards or use up scraps of your favorite fabric as you make cute containers for yourself, to give to your friends, or to bring to swaps!

This is the perfect book for beginners and experienced sewists alike.

Like all good  project books, Stitched Sewing Organizers starts with the basics of sewing. Aneela talks about fabrics, fleeces and fusible, she discusses sewing machine techniques and covers how to fit zippers.

With 15 projects, each varying from a simple Pincushion to a Needle book and a more fiddly Triple pouch and Boxy  pocket pouch.

With each item simple and easy to follow instructions are given, with measurements and even drawn basic diagrams that are uncomplicated and clear.

This colorful craft essential will be to the delight of most sewists and would make the ideal gift. It is a wonderful book to have to hand and if you have a piece of fabric no matter what size it is there is bound to be a project in it for you or a gift for a loved one.

What I particularly liked is that each project can be adapted. Either add a pocket or leave one off depending on your needs and it becomes the perfect item for your organising needs.

The book comes with a double sided pattern sheet for each project, and Aneela also gives exact measurements for each part of whatever project you are working on.


I decided to make the Boxy Pocket Pouch. 


This is a super useful item and I decided that it will perfect for my sewing notions. Because the pattern sheet is double sided I traced the piece I needed onto a separate sheet. I like this as it keeps the original sheet in pristine condition for re-use again and again. Don’t forget to transfer any markings to your traced pattern!!



I decided to use a ‘pleather’ fabric so I did not need any wadding to pad the bag out. I also decided on a cotton back pocket. (in the book she uses the same outer fabric)

It’s best not to us pins on ‘pleather’ so I used pattern weights to steady my pattern while I cut it out.  You can make this quite easily 😀


3 .

I cut out all my pattern and marked them with ‘post its’, so I wouldn’t forget what pattern part they were.



Then following the instructions, I made up the first part of my Boxy Pouch. Because of the material I used it was better to use quilt clips rather than pins.



After a couple of hours I have really cute boxy pouch



This was not an easy project as it got quite fiddly.. but as you can see it is achievable. This was the last project in the book and as I said before the projects start easy and get more advanced.

I love this book,  I would recommend it to every level of stitcher as it is one that i think every project will be completed.


Happy sewing




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