Kawaii: How to draw really cute stuff Angela Nguyen

516FU3vd6uL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press UK

Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute Stuff teaches you how to draw anything and everything – people, animals, food and everyday objects – in an adorable manner. You don’t need any specialist tools or materials to start drawing cute stuff: all you need is a biro or Sharpie, then you’re ready to go!

With artist and illustrator Angela Nguyen, start by learning the techniques of kawaii through quick and easy exercises on the basic shapes, effects and style. You can then dive right into making your kawaii characters, as the step-by-step, how-to sequences inside make drawing cute stuff really simple.

A perfect book for beginners – add cute-appeal to any drawing in no time at all!

Kawaii is a Japanese trend and it’s all about how to draw the cutest things in the cutest style.

Kawaii is Japanese for cute.

I absolutely cannot draw to save my life. So..with this in mind I threw myself right in to ‘try’ and come up with something good.

I love all crafts, and I adore making ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) and these tiny little drawing are just perfect for that.

I do think that mostly Kawaii is all about the coloring in rather than the drawing itself, but Angela Nguyen’s book is the ideal way to get started. It’s simplicity is what drew me to wanting to try Kawaii.

These childlike drawings can be anything from bees to cupcakes, and using simple shapes, such as circles, squares and squiggles you can create something that is quite pleasing to the eye.  Who knew that just by drawing an everyday object such as a toaster and giving it a pair of big eyes and grin could be the cutest thing ever.


So here goes…….

You do not need anything special or technical to use this book. Just a pencil, some paper and something to color your masterpiece in is all that’s needed.



This is my little stash ..(excuse my OCD organisation)


IMG_20170604_120933 (1)

Using Kawaii: How to draw really cute stuff .as my guide I started by drawing a simple circle. Which then turned into a moth.. it doesn’t look much but then it kind of transformed..


one tip..you will need an eraser, for any mistakes and to rub out your pencil marks once you have blacked the outline.


As I said before, the drawings don’t look much until they are colored in..



I got a bit carried away.. this was so much fun..


Everyday objects can be used for Kawaii, it’s easy just to create and use your own imagination.



I cut the drawings into shapes and I think they now look  bit cuter 🙂


My last stage was to stick them onto cards and add some ink stamps..


This was a lovely hour to spend and I can imagine that if I had small children it would make a lovely craft day to spend together. Even so, which adult coloring all the rage, it was good to doodle and just do something silly and fun.

Happy crafting.



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