Raised Embroidery Kelley Aldridge

51ZqBzITI4L._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press UK

This practical, contemporary guide to the exciting and varied world of raised embroidery is written by Kelley Aldridge, an expert teacher with the Royal School of Needlework. Part of a new series showcasing the RSN s traditional techniques, technical excellence and contemporary flair, it contains a complete grounding in raised embroidery stitches and techniques, three beautiful projects and galleries of inspiring work.
The book features an introduction to the RSN and its prestigious heritage. It reveals the history and context of raised embroidery and showcases galleries of inspiring raised embroidery work. This is primarily a practical, instructional guide that offers a complete grounding in the techniques you need for raised embroidery: it contains a comprehensive stitch guide and leads the reader through each technique using clear step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow expert guidance. The book contains three beautiful projects that put these techniques into practice and showcase additional advanced techniques.

This is a beautiful book by a serious professional..

However… as I have never done raised embroidery or ‘stumpwork’ as it’s also known I was up for the challenge.

I have only ever did cross stitch before and have always admired the beautiful embroidery work that I have seen.  So I have started this project as a complete beginner.

In her book Raised Embroidery, Kelley Aldridge gives a clear and concise guide of all the things you can use to learn and develop key key skills, and I think anyone can be successful and make a project with  just this book alone. Her experience shows, and she makes it look quite easy.

There are some beautiful projects and the insects are just adorable. It really is an inspiring and interesting craft.



My ‘make’.


I gathered all the items I would need. In her book Raised Embroidery, Kelley Aldridge gives a clear and concise guide of all the things you can use and most of which I already had.


I have had some perle cotton for the longest time. As a crafter and sewist I like to buy pretty things even if I don’t know what they will be used for. Raised Embroidery is the perfect project for these items.


I decided to start at the beginning and work my way through the stitches.

IMG_20170602_131156 This is couching stitch and really simple. I chose an easy shape (remember this is my first time)  just to get a ‘feel’ for what I was doing.


The next stitch is bullion stitch. I had a bit of difficulty with this one and had to unpick it a few times, but I soon got the hang of it.


3. This is called Turkey Rug and also known as Velvet work. It is a fun stitch and I love it. It is very simple and looks very effective.



Having tried all the stitches I have decided to make a book cover. This project is not in Raised Embroidery, there is a book cover to do which is beautiful, but I am not nearly as experienced to tackle it. I just want to see what I am capable of based on the authors direction.

I used some Calico fabric but you can use most fabrics. I would recommend using something ‘sturdy’ just so your work ‘holds’ nice.

Kelley suggests that you draw your starting pattern. I am not good at drawing so I used some ink stamps.



I absolutely love how this project has evolved.  For a first timer it is quite remarkable, but this is a testament to Kelley Aldridge’s instructions. I did have some difficulty but only minor ones, due to inexperience.

My favourite stitch is the needle woven picots. (the purple ones)  They are so cute and I can imagine them bigger and used as bunny ears.


You can see from the next photo how the stitches are ‘raised’. it’s very effective and so cute.


I will definitely continue with this new craft, I found it very peaceful and I plan to make a butterfly, using the wire techniques shown in Raised Embroidery. The projects and the possibilities with Raised Embroidery are amazing.

This is a book I am going to recommend to all crafters. If you haven’t yet tried Raised Embroidery I urge you to try it. I had fun and was really excited by what I achieved.


Buy the book ..








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