The Skirt Emporium Madame ZsaZsa

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This fun, quirky book is packed with 25 gorgeous, colorful skirts for women of all sizes and girls of all ages. All of the projects can be easily customized using the full-size patterns given in the back: all can be made for adults or children, and advice is given on how to create maternity wear. Each design is shown made from several different fabrics and with different trims to inspire the reader to follow their own personal tastes. Choose from styles such as A-line, bell, circle, straight, gathered, wraparound and elasticated, and also learn how to add underskirts. With tips on stitching, advice on choosing fabric and a comprehensive guide to cutting and using the patterns, this book shows you exactly how to create your own fun and flattering designs!


Before I even read the blurb for this book, I thought, this book is fun.

The Skirt Emporium is full of bright glossy pictures of all the good things you can make. Madame ZsaZsa points us sewists in the right direction to make 25 skirts that can be for adults AND their offspring.

With tips on fabric, cotton, tools and an in depth ‘how to’, this delightful book is an encyclopedia for beginners and the more experienced among us.

This is a wonderful book, which obviously a lot of work has gone into, and it shows. I particularly liked the different options that Madame ZsaZsa gives, which means that the skirt patterns can be adapted to whatever and however else I want to do.




I decided to make the ‘stripy skirt’ which is an A line skirt, and I made it for a  child. 


The enclosed pattern sheet is double sided so you will need to trace which size you need onto paper..

Write all the relevant information onto your pattern so you don’t have to keep referring to the original pattern sheet.


I marked where I wanted the stripes to be on the front pattern piece,

then I cut these pieces out. I also numbered the pieces for reference..I had 4 pieces in total for the front.


I then pieced the paper to my fabric and added a 1/2 inch seam allowance around each piece….. you can add whatever seam allowance you are used to.. I also over-locked the seams with an overlocker, but you can easily achieve this by doing zig zag stitch on your normal sewing machine. It gives the garment a more professional and finished look.


I chose to add a zip, some of the skirt patterns give you the option of an elasticated waist, which is easier if you are not  confident with zip insertion. I also added a hook and eye. The next step is to stitch the sides together.. Ta da.. we have a very pretty skirt.


I then worked on the facing. This is to give the skirt some structure and to define the waist. I used a lightweight interfacing which I ironed on and I over-locked all the edges that would be visible.

The last thing to do is stitch the facing to the skirt making sure that the zip edge is neat so it doesn’t ‘catch’. When attaching the facing, remember to  line up the seam of the facing to the seam of the skirt for a neat finish.


Once you have attached the interfacing, top-stitch along the waist edge of the skirt to give some definition. An under-stitch will give the same effect and/but you will not see the stitch line along the top edge.


Don’t forget the hem…..and add any extras



Lastly, give the skirt a press and to wear.


This is a fabulous book. The instructions were easy to follow. I think a knowledge of sewing is useful but I do think that inexperienced sewists will love this book.

Although I don’t know what the ‘fit’ is like, (I do not have a small child to test it on), I do have a wearable garment.

It was fun to make and I may make one just for me 🙂 .


Happy sewing.




This skirt will fit a 4/6 year old ……..    ( remember.. I don’t know what the fit will be as I don’t have a small child. I just worked with the pattern available)

If you want to win it, like and leave a comment and I will pick a winner on Wednesday 7th June.


This competition is now closed and the winner is @Brizzlelass x Congratulations


Buy the book..




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