Pattern Making Templates for skirts and dresses Alice Prier & Lilia Prier Tisdale

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Want to create a closet full of amazing clothes that will take you from 9 to 5 and beyond?
Then turn to Pattern Making Templates for Skirts & Dresses. This must-have guide is the ultimate resource for demystifying the pattern making process and creating clothes designed specifically for your body. You’ll discover:

  • How to design your own personalized sewing patterns for skirts and dresses
  • 16 downloadable pattern slopers that can be used to design garments that fit you perfectly
  • 32 timeless skirt and dress styles to create
  • Expert tips on sizing and customizing your patterns
  • The keys to adapting your designs with finishes and detailing, including unique sleeves, collars, and pockets

Successful teacher, designer, and fashionista Alice Prier explains how to get started, use slopers, choose fabrics, adapt it all for fit and style. In no time at all, you’ll be making everything from classic A-line dresses and full-length gowns to strappy sundresses, pencil skirts, pinafores, and more.


This is not a sewing book, nor is it for beginners.

It is a book that is filled with everything you need to know about drafting your own patterns for the perfect fit, and boy, can you learn a lot. There are 31 patterns to make and each come with instructions for a perfect finish. The pattern sizes are UK sizes 6 to 20.

As a sewist who likes to make my own clothes, traditional patterns very often have a one size (does not) fit all. So to find a book such as this one by Alice Prier, who has over 30 years experience in dressmaking, I consider myself lucky that she has decided to share all that wealth of information in one glorious book.

I must admit, at first I was daunted.. but a word of advice… READ the book before starting anything. This enables you get a feel for the book especially if you haven’t made a pattern before.

I even got a highlighter for the relevant points I would need to know and remember.

It talks about fabric choices, teaches you about terminology and explains about the ‘blocks’.

Alice, tells you how to fit a small or large bust, sleeves, collars, pockets and more.  There is a section on making the garments but this is very basic and you will need to know how to do this in order for this book to work for you.



This is the first time I have ever made my own pattern template.

You have to download the basic template. I did not find this easy but after a while I managed to do so.  The book explains which template to download, or can scan the QR code. They are downloaded as PDF’s.


Because I am in the UK, each pattern is downloaded and printed onto A4 paper, which is then put together like a jigsaw.  I found this a chore, and quite painful as I do not have a lot of room. so getting down on the floor had to do. You then have to cellotape the pieces together.


Each pattern piece is then marked with relevant notches etc. The dart lines are already printed on the pattern, but you do have to decide which ones are needed according to the relevant pattern you are going to make. The grainline is also marked.

I marked all my pieces before I cut the pieces out. Seam allowances have to added after you cut out the pattern piece. This is a benefit to the sewist as we all have a preference for this, and it also gives you ‘room’ to fit your pattern to your size.


After a bit of paper manipulation I finally have a pattern for my exact measurements.

I have to say this wasn’t an easy project, but now I have finished my first attempt I am sure the second one will easier. I definitely learned an awful lot so this book is the perfect ‘teacher’, and where can you get one of them for £12.99.

As I have said before this isn’t a sewing book so for making an actual garment from the pattern it’s really down to your own skills to do that.


Happy sewing.


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    1. Hi there
      Is there a problem with this website at the moment ? I have the book it’s brilliant ! But yesterday and today it’s bringing up an error when the qr code is scanned .
      Many thanks

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