Finding Alison Deirdre Eustace

51hAfbK6oFL._AC_US218_Pub: Black & White Publishing

Grief and guilt. Love and resentment. A community divided.

No one in Carniskey has ever truly understood what led Sean Delaney, a seasoned local fisherman, to risk his life in a high storm in the dead of night. Now, three years on from that tragic night, his wife Alison is still struggling with her unresolved grief and increasing financial worries.

After three difficult years, Alison has grown distant from her daughter and estranged from her friends and fellow villagers, particularly her best friend Kathleen who harbours a deeply guarded secret of her own. Isolated by its stunning yet often cruel surroundings, this is a community used to looking after its own but the arrival of an outsider – artist and lifelong nomad, William – offers Alison a new perspective on life and love that threatens to unearth the mysteries of the past.

A story of courage and enduring humanity, Finding Alison follows the community through their struggles in love, loss and betrayal, each coming to understand that only in truth can we find the peace and liberation essential for true happiness.


When Alison’s husband goes missing at sea, Alison has to accept that he has gone forever.

With a daughter rebelling, her grief  renders her unable to cope. With everything and everyone in her life either getting on with it, or struggling themselves, Alison gets ‘lost‘. And it is with this title ‘Finding Alison that we have our story.

The sea means a lot to Alison, and as with all of us who have been lucky enough to have lived near it. it calls.

Finding Alison is beautifully written, It is sad and quite a meaningful book for me and I absolutely loved it. It is one those tales that you find yourself thinking about over the days after you have read it.

With it’s lyrical prose and Alison’s love of poetry, Eustace has a novel worthy of any book award. It is definitely in my my top 10 this year.




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