Sew Small 19 little bags Jennifer Heynen

51MhpaIOrqL._AC_US218_Pub; C&T Publishing

Sew 19 simply embellished projects (with full-size patterns), including a card holder, coin purses, earbud holder, small wallets, pouches and organisers. These cute and useful bags are perfect for holding and organising all of your little things. Personalise the organisers with adorable embellishments and appliqués and use up your scraps, trims and other odds and ends in the process. Whip one up in an afternoon or bring your handwork with you – small pieces make these projects fun and easy to work on anywhere. Great to give as gifts or keep for yourself, these tiny bags will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

This is fabulous glossy book with 19 projects to make.

With colorful illustrations, ideas and advice on fabric, embellishments and stitching, Jennifer Heynen’s Sew Small  is an ideal book to work from.

Sew Small comes with a double sided pattern sheet that has all you need for each of the items.

I decided to make the ‘Whale coin purse’ which in itself is just the cutest thing I have ever seen.


Because the pattern sheet is double sided, I traced the pattern pieces needed for my project onto some plain paper. This is perfect, as it keeps the original pattern in tip top condition so that it can be used again and again.

I actually tend to trace all of my pattern this way for that reason.


I decided on the fabric I wanted to use and gathered everything I would need together.


I used a lightweight cotton fabric for the outer and the lining and although it didn’t state this in the instructions I also used a lightweight iron on fusible to give the purse some structure. I also used a shorter stitch length…    1.6   ..just because the of the size of the purse.


This project included some hand stitching. Instructions are given on techniques along with what cotton thread to use. This is perfect for beginners to learn and master new skills, and in no time at all it was starting to look very cute. Young sewists will need supervision.


After a few hours I finally achieved my goal. One very sweet Whale coin purse.

This project was fiddly in places, such as inserting the zip. Small sewists would need some help but I thing the projects are ideal for all levels of skill.

There are projects for male and females, and each can be made to look more petty or as plain depending on fabric choice.  There is a gorgeous Journalling wallet I am going to make and what is lovely is that the projects are perfect for gift ideas or just to make for yourself.

Sew Small has missed nothing out. It is easy to follow and each project can be done in a few hours or more.


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