Happy Hexies Boutique Sha

51hru6P7CXL._AC_US218_Pub: Search Press

Hexies are taking the world by storm!

Driven by the popularity of English paper piecing, hexagons are fast becoming the go-to motif for quilters and patchworkers of all ages and abilities.

In this inspiring and informative book, you will learn how to construct these cheerful little fabric shapes using the full-size templates provided, and then use them to create unique patchwork projects. Step-by-step colour photographs illustrate various techniques, including English paper piecing, hand-pieced inset seams and special hexagon-specific quilting methods. Once these have been mastered, you can try your hand at the collection of 12 adorable patchwork projects, including a floral-inspired mini quilt, retro tea cosy and zippered pencil case.

These hexie-based paper piecing projects work up quickly and easily, making them ideal hand-sewing projects for weekend crafting and quilting on the go.

I absolutely adore hexies..

So I was rather pleased when I given the opportunity to review Happy Hexies and make the simple but beautiful projects.

Each project has a ‘menu’ that tells you what you need, sizes and include tips and methods. There is even a section on what tools you need and a definition of two methods that you can try. It is quite educational, and even if you have been sewing for a while, it is a fabulous reminder of what English Paper Piecing is all about.

The instructions are easy to follow and they all come with picture illustrations so you really can’t go wrong.

The projects are suitable for a novice sewist, and a more advance person. I think they can even be perfect for children to try.

From bags to purses and coasters to quilts, each project can be completed in just a few hours or over the weekend.

Sewing little hexies together is very addictive.. so be warned.




I decided to make the Graphic Flower Pouch

Each project has a ‘menu’ of what you will need..fabric, size and any extras.

Firstly I chose my fabric and cut my hexagons. I would have benefited more if the size of the hexagon was listed.. then  I could have downloaded the perfect hexagon.. however, there are full sized templates and as you don’t need a lot of them for each project it didn’t really matter greatly. You just trace around them and cut them out. Easy.

Sewing the hexagons together is an easy process. First I tacked/basted the paper pieces to the fabric… you can use fabric glue at this stage,  but my preferred method was stitching them.

I then over stitched them together to form ‘flowers’, diagrams and instructions on how to achieve this are given.

I followed the pattern to the end. The beauty of this project is that by adding more hexies you can make a deeper pouch.. and fill it with more lovely items.

Ta Da… one very cute little purse. 🙂

I embroidered some of the hexies to add a personal touch, now to decide what to fill it with.


I finished this in about four hours. Some of the projects are simple and won’t take a long time but the others can be done in a weekend.

I loved this book and I think it would be the ideal gift for someone who loves the craft of sewing, or be like me just keep for yourself to enjoy,

Happy Sewing.


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