Should You Ask Me Marianne Kavanagh

51iVvQElBML._AC_US160_Pub: Hodder & Stoughton

‘I’ve come about the bodies. I know who they are.’

Just before D-Day in 1944, on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, an elderly woman walks into a police station. She has information, she says, about human remains recently discovered nearby.

The bodies could have stayed buried for ever – like the pain and passion that put them there. But Mary Holmes is finally ready to tell the truth.

The young constable sent to take her statement is still suffering from the injuries that ended his army career. As he tries to make sense of her tale, William finds himself increasingly distracted. Mary’s confession forces his own violent memories to the surface – betrayals and regrets as badly healed as his war wounds.

Over six days, as pressure builds for the final push in Europe, two lives reveal their secrets. Should You Ask Me is a captivating story about people at their worst and best: raw, rich, and utterly compelling.


I read this beautiful tale in six hours.

From the first page I knew, for me, it was well worth the 5* I have given.

Miss Mary Holmes is a formidable, caring old lady with a tremendous story to tell. William, the Constable, to whom she relates her tale is tender, sad and ‘war-wounded’.

Within the six days that William listens to Mary, Should You Ask me becomes more Williams story than it does Marys, and the relationship that builds between the two is one of trust.

Both characters are wonderfully portrayed and the setting of war torn Britain is heart wrenching and tragic.

This book is a tale of love, betrayal and murder.

What I found was that, Miss Holmes, who is eighty-six, comes across as more than an old lady with something to say. Her brilliance lies in her ability to coax Williams feelings out into the open and give him a reason to carry on.

She is rather like a homicidal Miss Marple.

Kavanagh’s third book is marvelous. It is beautifully written and although it is a slow story, mainly due to Miss Holmes telling of her life and happenings, it is one that hooks. I was completely mesmerised and will be talking about it for a long long time.



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