Please excuse me…..


Please excuse me..


I know my blog is usually dedicated to fabulous books but I am so pleased and amazed at myself that I have to share my quilt with you all.

Most of you who ‘know’ me, know that I have a passion for all things stitchy. I love to sew.

To be honest it has saved my life.

I have suffered for many years with depression, PTSD – due to childhood abuse and I am partially disabled with a back injury so find most days in pain and agony.

I learned to sew about 2-3 years ago and have made several things, toys, clothes, and my love ….quilts.


My Star Quilt as this one has come to be called consists of 8463 3/4 inch hexies (hexagons). Each hexie has been Paper pieced.. ( google EPP) they have been hand cut and hand sewn.

I started this project in August 2016 totally unaware of where it would end. I honestly had no idea that it would eventually turn into a King Sized quilt.

I have loved every minute I have spent making this..along with the blood and the swear words. I really do feel as though I have accomplished something amazing and I will probably never make anything as large as this again.

I feel quite sad I am now nearing the end making it, I still have to hand quilt and put a binding on it.

It also has some sad memories, I had a little eight year old cat, named Yuki who just loved to curl up in it and sleep while I stitched away. Unfortunately Yuki got ill with thyroid and we lost him. His  daddy, Nori, has taken over Yuki’s ‘spot’ and, i think, because he can smell his boy on the quilt lays curled up within the quilt and sleeps.

So you see, this has been a journey, a making of memories and a learning curve for me.

I hope you see what I see and enjoy my work.  x


24 thoughts on “Please excuse me…..

  1. That’s gorgeous! My nan used to hand-make quilts exactly the way you describe, and it brings back such memories of my childhood. I really want to make one myself, one day, so am in total awe that you’ve achieved this. It’s a real work of art, you should be very proud of yourself xx

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