The Follower Zoethi Zan

517drjiq6-l-_ac_us218_Pub: Vintage Digital


Julie has the perfect life

A kind boyfriend, loving parents and good grades. She has everything ahead of her.

Cora’s life is a nightmare

A psychopath for a husband, a violent father and a terrible secret. There’s no way out.

But one night, their worlds collide

Locked in an isolated house together, they must work out what has happened – and who they can trust to set them free.


When Julie is kidnapped and taken to somewhere remote..she meets Cora

But Cora isn’t like Julie.

Zan’s second novel is creepy, intriguing and I really liked it. The characters are well developed and there is an actual story.Unlike many books of this genre I was interested in the lives of the people and the reasons behind Julie’s captivity.

Although quite samey in places The Follower is gripping and rather scary,  Julie’s ordeal is twisted.  Adam was the one who interested me more. An ex-cop, his young sister went missing and in trying to find her, he develops an obsession..a rather unhealthy one.

Although I did enjoy this read,I feel it could have had more of a hold on me. I felt that the tale was up and down, Usually with thrillers I read in a  day but this one I was able to put down, do something else and then go back to it.

Saying that.. it will appeal to thriller fans



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