The Secret Life of Lucy Lovecake Pippa James

51ibgxuzwrl-_ac_us200_Pub: Black & White Publishing

Daisy Delaney’s life is pancake-flat. A talented baker and passionate lingerie specialist, she has wound up with no one to bake for and a career that hasn’t proved successful. But when she starts a delicious relationship with famous French author-chef, Michel Amiel, everything begins to look a bit more exciting.

That is until Michel’s bestselling cookbook is knocked off the top spot by newcomer ‘Lucy Lovecake’. His outdated recipes slide down the charts, while the popularity of Lucy Lovecake’s new dating cookbook is rising like the perfect sponge.

As Daisy teeters on the brink of love, how can she ever tell Michel that she is the mysterious Lucy Lovecake? Could he ever forgive her for finishing off his career? And more importantly, does Daisy even want to be with a difficult, egotistical, down-on-his-luck Frenchman just as her career is beginning to take off? Especially when she has some other very interesting offers…

Daisy is an ‘all rounder’, writer, baker and sales assistant. 

She is also Lucy Lovecake, and her love affair with Michel Amiel and the launch of her new cook book  ‘French Fancy’, is what keeps the reader entertained.

Lucy’s rise is quite a strain for Michel, a moody and self-important Frenchman.

Within the pages of this beautiful pink covered delight, is a fun-filled plot that makes you crave cake from the first line, makes you laugh, and it also gives a total escape from the cold winter.

This is a perfect ‘girls read’.  It has glamour, romance and is as sweet as the ‘French Fancies’ Lucy concocts.

Pippa James has a certain style. Within these pages is a moral to the story, that with effort and grace, ladies can have it all, independence and freedom, all while maintaining a feminine grace and being loved.

I truly adored this novel, and for me, who doesn’t usually ‘do’ romance and chick-lit, it was a fabulous days read. It left me with a feel-good feeling and a big smile.





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