The Marriage Lie Kimberly Belle

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She thought they had a perfect marriage….
When a plane crashes, Iris Griffiths watches the news unfold with horror…and then relief. Her beloved husband Will had just flown out from the same airport, but he was on a different flight.

So why is his name on the list of victims?
Surely there’s some mistake – her husband would never lie to her. Would he? But wading deeper into the truth of her husband’s deception, Iris begins to think the unthinkable.

Maybe she’s glad that he’s dead…


Kimberly Belle has written a stonker of a tale.

Iris believes her perfect and loving husband has died in a plane crash headed for Seattle, he was however meant to be on a plane headed in the other direction to Orlando.

The secrets and deceptions she uncovers following his death are something she is unprepared for, and we see her idyllic life unfold into something that is quite the opposite.

Her one friend, Evan, who also lost loved ones, his wife and child, is on her her side and as a Lawyer has the knowledge and resources to help her discover the reality of Wills life and how he became the man she knew.

It is difficult to write this review without giving away spoilers, so what I will say is that The Marriage Lie is written with a fabulous plot which builds softly, with intense passion, but before you know it, you are heavily involved as a reader and it is a tale that comes as a complete surprise.

Beautifully told, it is a love story which has been cleverly wrapped up with murder, embezzlement and lies.

Belle has researched the topics within her book, which makes this a brilliant and genuinely believable read. Iris is a character, who is totally relatable, she is strong and smart and lends an emotional lead to the story, but her plight also adds twists and intrigue.

This domestic thriller is a recommended read from me and is one I will be raving about for a while.



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