A day in the life of a budding author…Finlay Beaton aged 7 with Q & A

14955830_10154565990837860_5193266819785356757_n  as yet unpublished


This is Finlay. He is seven years old and he also happens to be my grandson.

He is writing his first novel.

Isn’t it amazing how someone so young can enjoy writing and also reading and such a fabulous inspiration to do something most kids would not even think about. I truly feel blessed that he is wants to do this and is dedicated in his task.

In a modern world where technology seems to be a childs main interest and very often a ‘baby-sitter’, I find it quite refreshing that the old fashioned  pen and paper can still grab a young persons imagination and give them a desire to dream.

It is a credit to his parents that they openly encourage his individuality and also his inventiveness and not cast it aside as a silly whim.

As you can see he has his coat on. he is on his way to school and felt that he should put down a few words while they were fresh in his mind.

I hope that Finlay will never lose his gift and that he will always find his creativity in whatever he eventually turns out to be.

Q & A with Finlay..aged 7 


1, What is your book about?

the book is about my whole life.

2 What is your book going to be called?

‘my life’ by Finlay Beaton

3. What inspired you to write this book?

I just thought I’m going to write a book and I like writing books and reading.

4 Who is your favourite author?

my favourite is Andrew Beasley (his first teacher wrote a book the battle of Ben Kingdom) and I like David Walliams & Roald Dahl.

5 Tell me about your writing day.

I write before school after I’ve had my breakfast if I have time and when I get home. I do my neatest handwriting!

6. What kind of book do you want to write when you are older.

I want to write a funny book about football players.

7. Tell me something about Finlay that you wouldn’t want your mum to know …

play football in my room with my brother when I’m supposed to be in bed… 🙊 (then he did this face) lol

This is a poem written by Finlay when he was 6


Thank you very much Finlay. I am proud to be your Grandma and hope that you become very good at what you do and continue to enjoy writing.


12 thoughts on “A day in the life of a budding author…Finlay Beaton aged 7 with Q & A

  1. This made me laugh and ‘awww’ at the same time, bless him! Sounds like he’s enjoying it, well done for coaxing him from his work long enough to answer your questions. Long may it last!


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