Mummy’s Favourite Sarah Flint

51laibpr3il-_ac_us160_Pub: Aria

Buried in a woodland grave are a mother and her child. One is alive. One is dead.

DC ‘Charlie’ Stafford is assigned by her boss, DI Geoffrey Hunter, to assist with the missing person investigation, where mothers and children are being snatched in broad daylight.

As more pairs go missing, the pressure mounts. Leads are going cold. Suspects are identified but have they got the right person?

Can Charlie stop the sadistic killer whose only wish is to punish those deemed to have committed a wrong? Or will she herself unwittingly become a victim.

Mummy’s Favourite is a nail-biting debut.

Charlie Stafford along with her hardworking, but diverse team, are assigned a case that is not only shocking but is also cleverly thought out. She is a strong and believable character, and one I hope, we as readers, have not heard the last of.

Mothers, along with their favourite child are being abducted and murdered.

This fabulous tale is claustrophobic and brilliant. It has a few sub-plots along the way, and while I wondered why Flint had added these ‘extra’ cases, the end is smoothly and effortlessly tied together.

I never guessed the ending, and this part thriller, part Police procedural novel was, for me, a good read.

Flint has established her right as a author to be recommended  with this gripping read, and she is already being named alongside some other fabulous crime writers.

A book for book-club readers, as there are a few debatable topics, that will challenge and divide.




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