Kingmaker Adrian Hyde

61wtlr-u95l-_ac_us160_Pub: Three Assassins Press


WEALTH. POWER. GLORY. REVENGE. When the world is against you, who do you trust? April 1940. Norway has fallen under the Nazi Blitzkrieg. Only a small British force now stands between Hitler’s SS and the ultimate prize… Lieutenant Harry King is in trouble again. Haunted by his past and consumed by alcohol, he is saved from his fate by a mysterious senior officer. When he is sent on a seemingly simple errand, he stumbles into a conspiracy that could change the course of the war. Dragged into a hair-raising world of murder, mystery and betrayal, King must choose between his duty, love and revenge. In a heart-pounding race across the frozen tundra, mountains and fjords, can he survive against the odds and uncover the traitor at the heart of his world?


First of all I have to pay homage to the most beautiful dedication in the front of this book. Simple and delicate,  and completely personal to the author.


Kingmaker is ninety-four chapters of what becomes a tale that weaves it’s plot smoothly into one amazing tale.

Pederson is following a fat old man who is on a promise with a girl of ‘ill-repute’. The old mans wife is dead and all he wants is  two sweet arms around him because he’s lonely.

Blomqvist is a banker and the information he has shared with Pederson that evening will result in the deaths of both himself and the girl.

Second Lieutenant Harry King is in front of his boss on the charge of being drunk and disorderly, two years ago his father was killed and Kings mind hasn’t quite come to terms with that fact.

Instead of the dressing down he was expecting, his life takes a turn that takes Harry out of his comfort zone and he learns a few facts of truth.

Historical facts and Hydes own imagination turn this novel into  a brutal, bloody and brilliant read. My favorite character other than King has to be Anje, Small and beautiful, but gutsy and tough. These two make a good team.

This is a cleverly written tale, set in 1940 it could quite easily be another more modern time. King is a kind of Jack Reacher character, but with layers of mystery and murder, revenge and a bit more besides, this story is very meaty.

Exciting and intriguing Adrian Hyde has created a character that I do hope will return. Along with his tough exterior King is a soft and loving man, and this is not shown that often in some novels, so it makes quite a change.

Kingmaker is detailed, fascinating and taut and is one I highly recommend.



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