Casting Off P.I.Paris

5131jdtmdgl-_ac_us160_Pub: Black & White Publishing

When the residents of a Highland care home discover that the new owners are about to substantially put up the fees, they know that dramatic action is called for. But what can a group of senior citizens possibly do against a big organisation? For Dorothy, the situation is serious. If she can t raise money she ll have to leave all her friends, like dear Miss Ross.

In protest, the residents barricade themselves into the lounge. However, their rebellion fails, so worldly-wise Joan suggests a most unusual way to cover the rise a very naughty chat line for men who want to talk to older women in a particular way ! As their lives take a series of unexpected turns, things get increasingly out of control …

Casting Off is a cheeky and hilarious read.

Set in a care home for the elderly, we makes friends, yes I really did feel like they were real, with the residents of Highland care home and chuckle, smile and weep at their escapades.

These delightful old souls share with us their tricks of raising funds, so that they may stay in the place they call home after the fees are raised and some are unable to afford them.

They are all different, and when they find that knitting won’t cover what they need they set up a ‘adult chat line’, and believe me they are quite inventive when it comes to some requests. My favourite characters are Mrs O’Reilly and Joan, two very open minded ladies and very funny.

This is one of ‘those’ books that the reader is almost sorry it has to end.

It covers the essence of getting older. making friends and losing them. It is also very touching and P.I.Paris gladdens the heart with her skill of brilliant penmanship.

If you think this isn’t a book for you, read it anyway. It is a book of pure delight, and I’m sure will lift the hardest of hearts.



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