The Liar Jennifer Wells

cover97830-medium.png Pub: Aria

935. A mother’s journey to find out what really happened to her only daughter. Complex and intriguing, full of twists and turns. Perfect for the fans of Lesley Pearse.

What would you do if you saw a girl in a crowd whose face had the same, identical birthmark as your only child?

A child who, nearly ten years ago, you were told died?

It’s 1935 and housewife Emma glimpses a face in a crowd – a little girl with a very unique birthmark.
Transfixed by the sight of a stranger; Emma becomes convinced that the girl is her long-lost daughter taken from her at birth. There is only one problem: Emma’s daughter is dead. So who is the stranger?


Set  in 1935, The Liar tells the story of Emma Marks. Emma is visiting the local Lido with her friend Audrey and Audrey’s children, when she see Violet, her daughter. 9 years old with a distinctive birthmark on her face.  Violet runs when Emma screams her name, and Emma runs too.

Chasing Violet, falling and causing mild havoc while doing so, Emma is unable to catch her.

But Violet, isn’t Violet. She is Ruby Brown.  Emma’s ‘Violet’ died at birth and The Liar, Jennifer Wells first novel, is a wonderful tale of sadness and obsession.

Told in parts by Emma and Ruby, we learn that Emma has,quite rightly, not been happy since the loss of her daughter and Ruby, well, she’s just a confused kid, albeit very likable.

Emma’s husband George is a Doctor, old fashioned and straight-laced, who thinks that his poor wife’s confusion can be remedied with a house re-decoration.

The Liar is a fabulous read. It speaks of betrayal, deceit and Wells has written an emotive tale that really pulls at the heart-strings. Anyone who has lost a child at birth will know exactly how Emma feels.

So is Ruby Violet??

The plot is well drawn out, it takes you on a journey that is completely unexpected. the proprietary of the age and the differences of the well-to-do and the ne’er-do-wells are brilliantly penned.

I loved this book. These types of covers do tend to put me off, but I am so pleased I gave this a go. I feel as though I have a ‘new friend’, in Jennifer and book covers.



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