The Lovers Guide to Rome Mark Lamprell

51LmOg4qxYL._AC_US160_Pub: Allen and Unwin


Young artist Alice has come to Rome for adventure before settling down with her safe boyfriend. But when fate intervenes to show her there really is such a thing as love at first sight, will she find the courage to follow her heart?

Meg and Alec fell in love in Rome many years before and have returned to rekindle their amore, but have they left it too late?

Connie and Lizzie are in Rome to scatter the ashes of Connie’s beloved husband Henry, who’s also Lizzie’s brother. But Lizzie doesn’t know the real story of how Connie and Henry met there decades before, nor what long-hidden secrets lie waiting to be unearthed.


just love characters that the reader can identify with, and with Mark Lamprell’s fantastically descriptive novel, I did just that…….’Old’ Alice, shy and insecure, ‘New’ Alice, flirty and confident. Meg, never satisfied, Constance and Lizzie, who call each other ‘girlie’ something I call all my girlfriends and even the driver Jean-Paul, his mother being an avid Francophile.

All of these people are in the most beautiful of cities..Rome.. for different reasons, and we walk through the towns and learn of their lives. I too became a lover.

The Lovers Guide to Rome is more than just a tale, it is a travel guide, and if this book doesn’t make you want to explore then nothing will.

There are funny moments, such as a trip to the hospital, the dysentery incident, which you can almost smell, and the grief, jealousy and most importantly love makes this the perfect holiday read… even if you are going nowhere but your own backyard.

This is the most delightful tale and it brought a smile to my face. Mark Lamprell captures the setting and sets the mood brilliantly.

The Lovers Guide to Rome really is ‘superstar’ fiction.




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