The House Sitter Jill Barry

cover94612-medium.png Pub: Crooked Cat Publishing

How much should you entrust to your house sitter? Your dog? Your clothes and jewellery? Your husband?

When Suzanne and Eddie decide to move house, they neglect to confide in their friend and house sitter, Ruth. Against the dramatic landscape of Mid-Wales, a series of unfortunate events seem destined to ruin the couple’s plans, especially when they go away, leaving Ruth in charge.

A tenacious estate agent and a prospective purchaser conspire to unravel the disturbing, malicious stunts. But how does a woman nursing a knee problem move so stealthily? Does she have an accomplice? Or is something far more sinister going on?

The House Sitter is multi-published author Jill Barry’s first venture into fiction’s dark side, although she admits the novel includes a romantic frisson. But it is Ruth’s creepy, manipulative intrusion into her friends’ lives driving the story towards its near-fatal conclusion.

The House Sitter is a quick read, and really enjoyable.

Suzanne and Eddie have decided to sell their beautiful home and live closer to their daughter and grandchildren, but Ruth has other ideas.

She has done a lot for the old couple and was hoping that one day she would move in and become a companion to them, helping them with their daily routine, after all Suzanne had practically said this was written in stone, hadn’t she…..

Ruth is more dimensional than a rubiks cube, she has many sides to her and is delightfully,but scarily, nutty. She sets in motion a plan to ensure that she gets her own way and it makes for uncomfortable reading.

Jill Barry’s novel is a fantastically plotted and twisty read. It gives an insight to the ways of people who have a seriously unhealthy edge to them.  Although quite a short read I did feel that Barry could have made this a more thrilling tale if she ‘filled’ it out a bit more. The end was a bit sudden, and it was because of this I was a bit disappointed.

Ruth is a marvellous character, and I happened to enjoy her ‘style’. She really does have quite an evil streak.

I liked this one.



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