Cut Marc Raabe

51Sr5GQg17L._AC_US160_Pub: Manilla

At eleven years old, Gabriel Naumann is witness to a horrific crime.

29 years later his girlfriend is taken.

Then the messages begin.

Somebody knows about his past.

Somebody knows what he did.

And now his girlfriend will pay for it – unless he can find her in time . . .

When you’ve spent decades running from your past, what do you do when it finally catches up?

If you want to find her, then you’ll have to find me’


Cut is a stylish and rather ‘grown up’ thriller.

Gabriel is scared of cellars.

When is his girlfriend rings him saying she has been attacked and is hurt, he races to her aid. However, on reaching the park where she says she is, he finds a dead man and a lot of Police. He becomes suspect No 1. and Liz is nowhere to be found.

This novel is quite difficult to get into, I did find I was lost in places and I had to take notes while I was reading. But it is a good read and one that has an interesting plot.

Gabriel has spent quite a few years in a mental institution, and if I hadn’t wanted to know the reasons why, I probably would have given up with this one.

It is  a novel that ‘feeds’ the mind and ends rather good. It is brutal in parts and although not for every reader, I did find it enjoyable. I wasn’t able to read in one sitting, which is how I usually read, but over the course of the few days it took, it was time well spent.

I think Cut will get mixed reviews depending on the reader, but for me it entertained and I am happy to recommend.





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