Sins of the Father David Harrison


The past returns to haunt Nick Randall when a celebrity biographer claims to have evidence of his late father’s involvement in a terrible crime. If it comes out, the tabloids will have a field day: Eddie Randall was a popular comedy actor in the 1960s. Nick goes in search of the truth and unexpectedly finds it impacts on a major insurance scam he is investigating. Then his estranged wife is found dead – and Nick realises that an unknown enemy is stalking him…

The acclaimed first thriller from author David Harrison, aka TOM BALE, author of SEE HOW THEY RUN.

It is always a joy to find a great author then be offered the chance to read their very first offering.

Sins of the Father is a very good character based and plot driven read.

The blurb says everything there is to know about the theme of the novel, but what it doesn’t tell the reader is what a treat they are in for.

As with most debut novels, this one is short on description, and sometimes this made the tale rather slow to get into, but, with it’s violence, action and ‘mafia’ gangster type criminals it was truly gripping and brilliantly engaging. Along with the torture and blackmail I was completely hooked.

I loved Sarah and Alex. They have a friendship and like most of us girls go to each other to tell of their problems, which is what Sarah does when she finds that her marriage to Nick is in serious trouble. I was quite set on getting to know these two women and see how they panned out. BUT.. well I won’t say what happens, but O.M.G.

Twisty and full of suspense, this novel gives a taste of why David Harrison is so popular as T0m Bale. He really is good at what he does and in my opinion has just got better. I am and always will be an avid fan. ( Don’t be scared T0m, I don’t mean Misery style)

Really good.





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