The Woman who Walked into the Sea Mark Douglas-Home

51L0W0W67iL._AC_US200_Pub: Penguin

The daughter who nobody wanted learns the truth about the mother she never knew. A page-turning, heart-breaking mystery ‘full of surprises … this is a classic whodunit’ (Scotsman).

Cal McGill is a unique investigator and oceanographer who uses his expertise to locate things – and sometimes people – lost or missing at sea.

His expertise could unravel the haunting mystery of why, twenty-six years ago on a remote Scottish beach, Megan Bates strode out into the cold ocean and let the waves wash her away.

Megan’s daughter, Violet Wells, was abandoned as a baby on the steps of a local hospital just hours before the mother she never knew took her own life.

As McGill is drawn into Violet’s search for the truth, he encounters a coastal community divided by obsession and grief, and united only by a conviction that its secrets should stay buried…

This novel is the most interesting and uncomplicated read that I have read this year.

Violet receives a visit that will change her life, put her in danger and put her in contact with the charismatic  Cal McGill.

Cal is an oceanographer, and this piqued my interest.

Set in a fictional but beautiful part of Scotland, I was glad that Douglas-Home refrained from using ‘Scottish dialect’, although his brilliant writing style does give Poltown a realistic feel.

A novel that gives revenge, secrets and murder it is one that I read in one sitting, although not a pacy read it is full of intrigue. It also didn’t go as I thought it would. SPOILER ALERT (sorry) I really wanted a happy reunion, but I feel with the ending there could be a follow-up and I would love to read more about Cal. He is a character full of promise, and is quite easy an entry into a readers ‘book boyfriends list’.

I loved this book, and only sorry I haven’t come across it before. Mark Douglas-Home is an author that I will be looking out for in the future.



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