Sing to the Silent Stones Violets War David Snell

51VQioPvDBL._AC_US160_Pub: Hornet Books


The tale of a family torn apart by love and reunited by war David Snell s astonishing novel provides insight into the lives of those who endured and survived the First World War. Violet s War is the first gripping and haunting instalment in a family saga that will leave you gasping for breath. After surviving many moving and harrowing experiences as a nurse in World War I, unmarried mother Violet looks to be reunited with her young son Frank.

Knowing that David Snells debut is factually based on his own families history makes this novel a more beautiful and more poignant story.

It is more than just a story about war, it is about love and family and how a mother’s love knows no bounds. Violet is an unmarried mother, and this scandal in 1919 is more than most could possibly cope with, especially with a war looming.

Violets life is not an easy journey and Sing to the Silent Stones is a tale to be read, re-read and then read again.

Truly amazing, perfectly penned and sadly but honestly real.



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