I’ve Been Watching You K.A. Richardson

13423754_10153659798221623_3915658354846592796_n Pub: Bloodhound


Ben Cassidy has a hard job balancing single motherhood with her career as a Crime Scene Investigator.

While taking a course in Digital Forensics she meets the charming Jacob Tully, an ex army war veteran struggling with his past.

While the team investigate the apparent hit and run of a care home worker, Ben suspects there is more to it. As events unfold she discovers the connection to a series of murders much closer to home.

To catch the killer, can she confront the demons from her past?

Will the team piece together the evidence before it’s too late?

The hunt is on for a twisted killer and this will be their deadliest challenge yet.

John Whitworth is a cruel and sadistic man. With his wife in a home, because of an injury inflicted by him, he still finds ways of abusing her, mentally and psychically. he is a man you do not cross or upset as Ann was soon to discover.

Ben Cassidy, is a tough lady. After noticing Jacob Tulley’s good looks at a lecture on Digital Forensics, her insecurity leaves her unable to pursue any romantic liason. Unknown to them both they have things in common. With her four year old daughter Grace and Aunt Aiofe, who has her own secret, she pours herself into her job.

We are introduced to a killer within the pages of K.A Richardson’s  intriguing novel, although it’s a guessing game as to who he is. He is watching Clarice, a young black girl who as well as working as a cleaner is also taking the Forensic class. He has ‘wormed’ his way into her life and now is making plans for her imprisonment so he can inflict on her all his perversions and atrocities.

A novel that is uncomfortable as it’s intense, I’ve Been Watching You took me out of my comfort zone. I was scared for the characters and eager to know who the perpetrator was.

I of course made my own deduction and of course I was wrong, but I enjoyed the game.

This is an intoxicating read, and it ends in a way that thrilled me. I can’t wait for book 2.



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